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Having boobs is not taboo: awareness month in the fight against breast cancer

The month of October serves as a backdrop to talk about the fight against the most common type of tumor in women: breast cancer. During this time, called "Pink October", social networks, media and organizations come together to give more visibility, inform and help combat this disease.

At Bryan we always join in giving a voice to people and organizations that do their bit to achieve this goal. That is why below you will learn more about projects that will allow you to take part and support this fight.


Following Teta&Teta in every step it takes and in every achievement it achieves is almost an obligation. This project has managed to make the fight against breast cancer visible from a human and natural perspective, but above all, it has managed to normalize the process that many women go through around the world.

We say that it is an obligation, because just by following their path, supporting and sharing we are already doing much more. We are already contributing. Giving coverage to their ideas and messages is one way to help the cause.

It has several active actions. The main one right now is to educate famous lingerie brands to produce bras for only one breast.

Many women do not want or cannot wear prostheses so they decide to wear a single breast bra, which very few brands produce and which are not entirely comfortable. They themselves launched "Lola", a bra with a single cup and now they want top brands to produce it.

They give them everything: the experience, the tests, the samples, the know-how,... The least they ask is that Lola's name be respected, otherwise they look for women who have undergone a mastectomy to be able to choose bras in large chains .

Let's normalize the consequences of cancer and make a natural fact viral. Many have joined, such as Oisho or Mango. You can see the whole story on their Instagram:

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This year, Teta&Teta has gone from having their account censored by Instagram (the social network has not gotten any bigger in that regard) to leading the most important normalization and awareness campaign. Bravo for them!

Save The mom

This transparent and ethical association fights against breast cancer through its solidarity store where you can buy t-shirts and all profits go to research against HER2+ breast cancer at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. In addition to being a source of information on the subject and a place of support between women and people who are experiencing the disease.

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If you want to help the cause financially, you can find research teams to donate directly to or projects like this one in which all the funds raised go entirely to research.

People who inspire

Attitude is one of the points that must be worked on. Don't get it wrong, medicines cure, not motivational talks, but it does take strength to face this situation. Both those who are suffering from the disease and those around them. These are difficult times and you need a lot of support and understanding.

That's why surrounding yourself with inspiring people can be important. We share some Instagram profiles that motivate and give first-person information about this disease.

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⁣ I hope life always smiles at you but much to my regret it will not be like that. You will have to learn that when the strength does not exist, you have to create it, that even in the deepest pain there is always a thread of hope and that we all have someone who saves us and guides us, there is always someone who pushes us to continue. ⁣ ⁣ ❣️ ⁣ ⁣ Happy Friday night ✨⁣ Here I am in full congestion mode, I don't know if it's a sudden allergy or a mask allergy like some of you have told me 🤷🏻‍♀️.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #elcrepdemivida #nuncadejesdebailar #lasaventurasdelcancer #cancer #breastcancer #cancersurvivor #cancerfighter #fuckcancer #blogger #coachlife #positiveactitude #reflections #sialavida #ifyouquiresyou #believecrear #opportunities #life #dreams #challenges #projects #motivation #momoftwins #mom #instamami #writings ⁣⁣#twins #fridaynight ⁣⁣

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Today I go out on the street with a double scar, mine and that of the 💥 100% solidarity t-shirt from @savethemama 💥. If you want to collaborate in breast cancer research, you have many ethical, transparent and cool options that, for all that, have the support of all patients and DO represent us. . Say #NoAlPinkwashing and collaborate on campaigns that truly contribute to the cause above their own benefits and interests. Some projects: . @savethemama @cancermamametastasico . (Add others in the comments or in stories and tag me so I can share all the ones we know together and thus provide some more light and options to those who want to help 💜). And if you search a little, you can surely donate directly to the research teams without the need for intermediaries. The more you get to the cause, the better! 🙏🏽 . . . . #OctubrePink #nosoyunlazorosa #NoAlPinkwashing #NotInMyName #cancersucks #moreresearchformorelife #moreresearchformorelife #lesspinkmoreresearch #ThinkBeforeYouPink #mastectomy #mastectomy #breastcancer

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If you know more people or ways of development and support for research, do not hesitate to share it with us. It is important to make them known to reach more people.

As well as raising awareness about a real problem that can be prevented with time. It is key to self-examine and perform regular palpations. At the AECC (Spanish Association against Cancer) they explain each step very well here.

Having boobs is not taboo. Collaborate in the fight against breast cancer, make visible and normalize.

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