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Boots and ankle boots Vintage Autumn-Winter Collection

Your favorite boots and ankle boots now in vingate leather
We have rescued your all-time favorite boots and ankle boots , the models that you continue to bet on, because they comply with trend and quality.
But we have gone a little further than split leather creating the new vintage collection . It is a much more malleable thin leather treated with an aged appearance that achieves a beautiful play with light, providing different tones.
The best-selling women's cowboy boot
The flat cowboy boot, Jandra returns. Our star design returns this season, now inspired by the most vintage western boots . It retains all the comfort of its predecessor and the same last so it will fit like a glove.
With vintage leather we make each piece unique. Its malleable texture means that with each movement the flat boot gains personality, creating a play of tones that will make it different from the rest.
The most combinable women's boot , which you can use with jeans as well as with dresses and skirts, is the all-terrain flat boot. A 10 in trend and comfort.
Jandra vintage leather is available in brown and black tones.
Valentina in vintage leather
The Valentina country boot is one of your favorites for its design and comfort. With the perfect heel for everyday life, it has become one of the most requested models.
The high-heeled boot is an ideal design to be groomed and comfortable on a daily basis. A high-top women's boot that wrinkles to taste with a perfect 7-centimetre wide heel, ideal for everyday wear.
In its version with aged skin it highlights all its beauty. A thinner leather that you can manipulate and that plays with light, achieving different shades, giving it a spectacular and unique vintage look.
You will find the women's boot on the website in brown and black. Can you decide?
Vintage leather in boot version
For lovers of ankle boots , comfortable and easy to put on, we propose the women's flat ankle boot, Caliope in vintage, brown and black leather.
Now you can find the women's boot in this special edition with an interior zipper to make it easier to put on. The same last as the Jandra boot but with a low shaft will allow you to create great looks with jeans or skirts
The cowboy boot with the definitive design: a unique, simple and very wearable style. It is an all-terrain shoe made with the best quality. Its skin is treated to give it that aged appearance that provides a play of light and shadow with the tones of the boot .
Renew your usual basics with vintage leather boots and ankle boots , a safe bet that will last you for years, an essential that does not expire.
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