We are the coolest collection of the month at Drestip! Bryan Stepwise Blog

We are the coolest collection of the month at Drestip!

The online shopping platform Drestip has named us the coolest collection of the month and we couldn't be more grateful!

The fashion website is a perfect showcase for our models that join the more than 260 Spanish brands that are already part of the project . An important search engine that unites and gives visibility to hundreds of emerging national brands.

Being within this community is a big step for Bryan, which is consolidating itself as one of the footwear brands in the spotlight, thus endorsing the continuous growth we are experiencing and positioning ourselves at the level of well-known brands.

What is Drestip?

In case you still did not know this wonderful website , we will explain what Drestip consists of. It is a trend search engine, which its creators call the " Google of Fashion ."

The two entrepreneurs and founders of Drestip, Rocío Lumbreras and Patricia de Juan , had the objective of facilitating the search for new stores united on the same website and thus giving visibility to "ecommerce" of Spanish firms unique and quality.

They realized that their friends, and themselves, knew only 8 online stores where they bought clothing and footwear, so it was clear to them to create a place where smaller brands would come together. In this way they present original and cutting-edge proposals in a simple and unified way.

Tipers Community

In addition, Bryan is also present in the community of followers that has emerged since Drestip. Followers can share collages of looks with the products on the website through the "Tip Board" tool and many choose Bryan footwear for theirs.

Both in the Drestip Tip Boards and on the website you can see combinations with our models from the new collection: Jandra cowboy boot , Valentina country boot , Patagonia sneakers or Kendra trekking boots .

Entrepreneurs and all-rounders

Rocío Lumbreras and Patricia de Juan met at university and in 2016 they founded Drestip. Since then it has not stopped growing and they have seen how their idea has taken shape and become a reality. They currently have more than 100,000 visits per month and an evolution in networks of more than 600%.

The website already has more than 700 brands in total, among which Converse, Dr Martens or Topshop stand out, and they have more than 6,000 products.

A startup with a great idea and, much more important, a great family of professionals behind it who, with their daily work and effort, are managing to position Drestip at the top.

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