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What shoes do you need this Black Friday? Answer the questions and you'll get your answer!

With the arrival of winter, all kinds of boots, ankle boots and moccasins are back. High, low, with and without heels, in colours... And you don't know what to choose!

Find out which shoes you really need and make responsible consumption this Black Friday. We help you choose the model you won't want to take off this season with our questionnaire.


1What do you look for when you go shopping for shoes?

A) That they are comfortable so you can wear them for hours.

B) That the go with everything.

C) That they have a heel to give them a more sophisticated touch.

D) That they are worn in that season.

2.How would you define your style?

A) Informal, like to feel comfortable in my day to day life.

B) Casual with a touch more dressed up.

C) Classic.

D) I like to combine different styles, so I don't have a defined one.

3. How much do you follow trends?

A) I don't follow any trends.

B) Occasionally I fall into a trend.

C) I choose the trends I like and discard the ones I don't like.

D) I follow all the trends even if some of them are not to my liking.

4. What colours predominate in your wardrobe?

A) Neutral colours (blacks, whites, greys, browns).

B) Light tones and pastels.

C) I have everything from basic garments to more eye-catching ones.

D) You will only find colours and prints.

After answering the questions... do the count and you'll know which shoe you should buy this Black Friday!



Marion are the most versatile Chelsie style ankle boots you will find in your wardrobe. For your comfort they have an inside zip to help you put them on and make them fit all types of feet.

Gabriela is the perfect option if you are looking for shoes that are not boots and you want to feel comfortable for hours on end.



Aless, inspired by military aesthetics, this is the coolest ankle boot you can find. It combines with everything and you can give a more elegant touch to your look.

Carole, moccasins are a trend and they're here to stay. You won't want to take off this model with platform and rubber sole.



Manuela, the boots that are a hit this season. Sewn piece by piece, they will leave no one indifferent.

Nora, these haute couture-inspired loafers will be in your wardrobe for years to come, and will always be a classic.



Maggie, the ankle boot that will make you shine with its metallic colours. If you are daring and in tune with the trends, these are the boots for you.

Charlotte, the wallabee style shoes that are coming on strong. With them you will give that touch that is missing to your outfits.

If you still can't find your shoes of the season in this selection, you can discover different models on our website.

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