Charlotte, a design inspired by iconics Wallabee – Bryan Stepwise

Charlotte, a design inspired by iconics Wallabee

We take a look at the history of the Wallabee shoes, the artists who made them iconic and even how to combine them. Our new model, Charlotte, is inspired by this famous design and we want to tell you why they should be yours this season.

Charlotte is pure Wallabee in essence. It has the stitching detail on the instep so characteristic of this type of model and its legendary way of tying the laces, but we have modernised them. We bring the Wallabees closer to the current fashion thanks to their 5cm track sole and a strong leather upper.

You can find them in two colours, black and white, and they will be a sure hit, as they are a timeless model with an urban touch that you can have in your wardrobe for years to come.

Charlotte en negro


How to combine them 

When a new fashion arrives, the most advanced ones are already thinking about looks and how to play with those designs and create their own style. Here are some ideas so you can be the first.

Charlotte is an all-terrain women's shoe for urban and grunge looks. They will give you that warrior and natural touch.

If your style is more formal, you can combine them with college skirts with a waistcoat. For everyday wear, jeans, a basic T-shirt and a blazer are the key to success.

Just like loafers, don't forget to wear them with socks. They're here to stay.

But, where did they come from

The Wallabee began its history in the 1960s, specifically in Ireland, where it was sold mainly in European markets under the name 'The Grasshopper'. The surprise came in the United States, at a shoe fair where they realised that this name was already registered, so they decided to change it to the current "Wallabee".

Icon in the music world

These shoes, inspired by moccasins but with a sportier touch, began to be the protagonists in the 90s, where we saw them represented mainly in the American Hip-Hop group Wu-Tang Clan, who were the image of these shoes and even introduced their name in some of the lyrics of their songs.

Other artists on the scene have also been references for these shoes, such as the rappers Ice Cube and Kanye West or the British groups Oasis and Blur, who have the legendary Wallabee on their covers.

                                                          RAPPER KANYE WEST WITH THE WALLABEE DESIGN

In the cinema 

In the world of cinema, film director Wes Anderson shows us how this model, as well as giving that urban touch, can be combined with a more formal style.

Wes Anderson, diferente a todo | Cine


Another famous character who has made the Wallabee stand out is the actor Bryan Cranston, when he gave life to the main character of the series Breaking Bad. Throughout the series we can see how he rarely takes off these shoes.

HD wallpaper: money breaking bad meth bryan cranston warehouse walter white  heisenberg 1920x1080 Abstract Breaking Bad HD Art | Wallpaper Flare

                                             BRYAN CRANSTON IN A SCENE FROM BREAKING BAD

Although the Wallabee has always been represented by men, our Charlotte's have arrived to give another touch to the looks and show that we can also wear them (and combine them very well).

If you're up to date with the trends, these are for you. Do you dare?

                                                             JENN MUCHELAS PROVING THAT THEY'RE FOR US TOO

Discover our  Wallabee design:

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