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Garments that are trendy and combine perfectly with your boots

Many times we buy clothes or shoes that we love and we don't really know how to combine them with our own wardrobe or with each other.

We fall in love at first sight and we don't think about the different and, surely, diverse combinations that we can create with our purchase.

Above all, when choosing shoes, we think first about quality and comfort, followed by whether they are trendy and fashionable. Before deciding, we review our closet and our latest purchases to get a mental idea of ​​what we are going to wear it with.

We want to help you in this task so that when you buy a Bryan Stepwise shoe you have a clearer idea of ​​what trendy clothes you can pair them with and get an idea of ​​how they would look on you.

Let's see, from fashion influencers, some examples of looks with clothes that are currently triumphing in stores along with our cowboy boots , sneakers or mountain boots . We warn you that it will be difficult to decide on just one!

Flowing dresses

Both @luciasvriz and @zapatosbuscanbolso have chosen a very romantic look with these airy dresses that are super fashionable. They look great with the Jandra cowboy boots because they provide the perfect softness to give the boots their harshest touch. The perfect balance.

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In both beige and black, Jandra boots look ideal with dresses. They are understood in harmony with sweeter and lighter garments, creating an alternative and boho air, very chic!

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The cowboy will never go out of style

Denim garments are a staple in our wardrobe and one of the fashion trends that we will never stop wearing. The keys are several: it goes with everything, they are comfortable, they give strength to any look and it is a resistant and durable material. You can wear it with our mountain-inspired Kendra boots or with something more dressed up like our Jandra boot.

Our great @silviaboschmunoz has combined the Kendra trekking boots in beige with a denim jacket with touches of colors that create a look that, together with the headband, reminds us of a naive and fun style.

Aute cuture

The wonderful @alba.vd has played like no one else with completely different styles, taking the combination to another level. This beautiful dress exudes elegance, poise and formality. Quite the opposite of our Jandra cowboy boots, which have very marked and strong lines. Alba has managed to make these two very powerful personalities combine so well and create a divine look. So girls, don't be afraid to mix and have fun when it comes to combining.

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lumberjack paintings

Checks are back for lumberjack-style shirts and jackets. If t rekking or shoes with mountain style designs is one of the super trends this winter, something related could not be missing from the clothing items. Jackets like the one worn by @lookfortime will be very famous from now on and you will see them more than usual. They are warm and match perfectly with any of our boots: Kendra , Jandra or Valentina; in its most autumnal colors: camel, brown or beige.

Next week we will return with a second part of the most sought-after garments this season and that fit perfectly with our Paradiso collection. Be sure to take a look at our new in models and click here !

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