NEW IN: Valentina cowboy boot in black, Bryan Stepwise

NEW IN: Finally! The Valentina country boot in black

It was a matter of time before we launched our Valentina country boot model in black. Many of you wrote to us through Instagram and Facebook asking about them and we had it saved to release it right now, later in the fall.

Country boots are perfect women's footwear for this time of year: comfortable, resistant and very wearable. Its design inspired by the boots that were used in other times to work in the fields, is ideal both to choose them for long days, in which the foot needs an ally or, even, to dress up a party look and give it a more boho touch. .

The Valentina model has just the right heel so that the sole of the foot steps with enough inclination so as not to suffer and at the same time, helps circulation for those who need extra height in their step. As we already talked about in the previous blog article about the differences between the country boot and the cowboy boot, this boot has particular characteristics that make it unique.

The shaft does not exceed the knee and they are not usually closed with a zipper since one of their peculiarities is that the shaft can wrinkle and the zipper would prevent it from being as natural. This fact also allows it to fit any type of leg, this is the boot of boots! The perfect boot!

As for color, black could not be missing in women's boots, especially in Valentina country boots. It's a basic color for winter and we didn't have it in our most requested boot, until now!

Black is an essential color in the world of fashion: elegant, it goes with everything and it stylizes. It is a must in many looks and every design worth its salt should have its black version.

Also discover the rest of the colors we have available for the Valentina country boot: tan , beige and brown .

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