The flat sandals that will save you this summer, Bryan Stepwise

The flat sandals that will save you this summer

Are you one of those who like to be comfortable and cool in summer? Flat sandals are the perfect complement for any day and any time.

Although we love good high-heeled or wedge sandals, flat sandals are a basic that no wardrobe is missing . Essential? Many times they are not the most attractive or powerful shoe model that we have for our summer looks, but in this blog entry we are going to remove all the prejudices of basic shoes to give them a spin and give them the crown they deserve.

We give you 6 reasons to love our new collection of flat sandals and make them the undisputed queens of this season.

1. They are VERY versatile

Flat sandals are your best friend and you know it. You use them for everything, even going around the house. If you find your crush, you won't take them off all summer.

It is a women's shoe that can go with all types of looks , from the most casual or sporty to the most elegant and formal. Its uses are infinite and each of us combines them in a way, giving it the personality that characterizes us.

In short, our summer love is called flat sandals and at Bryan we have a wide variety of models, surely you can't choose just one!

2. They are VERY comfortable

The sole of all our sandals has special padding to protect the foot from impact. They are also hand-sewn and made of 100% leather so you make sure that your skin breathes and feels like a cloud.

They are not flat, flat. That is, you are not walking on the street. They have a simple floor so that your foot is protected and walks on a few centimeters, thus easing the stride.

3. Perfect shoes for traveling

Thanks to their comfort, studied and analyzed in our factory, they are the ideal footwear for traveling. The perfect escape with your perfect sandals to walk for hours.

Summer is the travel time of year par excellence and walking will not be a problem since you will be well prepared with your Bryans. They take up little space in your suitcase and will be useful for both daytime plans and going out at night.

4. You have a thousand combinations

We have created a very complete collection so that you can choose the ones that best suit your style. From more trendy and fashionable to those that prioritize comfort and simplicity .

A flat sandal does not have to be basic and there are many models that have coolness, it is a matter of taste. We highlight the Milan as the top trend or the Olympia as extreme comfort .

Each of them has its charm and it will be difficult to resist or choose just one.

5. They serve to be more organized

That thing about how you can only dress up with heels is left behind , far, far behind. Going out in sneakers was an evolutionary leap for which we were grateful and let out a big "Finally!"

You have to know how to see how flat sandals can give a sophisticated touch to a look and a differentiating point to a more elegant outfit. You look beautiful, you look divine and you look very comfortable.

6. They are Made in Spain.

By choosing a flat sandal from Bryan you will be choosing comfort, quality and above all a product with durability values ​​over time.

It is not a throwaway shoe . You will see that you are opting for sandals that will be in your shoe rack for several immaculate seasons.

You will help local businesses and make a responsible purchase . Our goal has always been that: quality shoes made in Spain by professional artisans at a good price that can accompany us for years and years.

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