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Sara Carbonero's look Low cost

Being well dressed is not something for the rich, nor are quality shoes expensive. Sara Carbonero gives us a lesson in good taste with a look accessible to everyone.

Sara has chosen a spring look combining it with more wintery pieces.

Without a doubt, what catches our attention the most is how he manages to play with winter garments, adapting them to spring and showing their timelessness.

Break with the cliché that black boots are for winter and wear a combination of a super trendy midi dress with a touch of color and boots in the style of our black jackets, Valentina.

Valentina does not understand dates or seasons, you can wear them with a floor-length coat or with a more spring-like printed dress like Sara Carbonero and you will always be the center of attention.

Some timeless leather boots , Made in Spain, that you can get in our last days of sales for €74.95

The women's boot that you will not take off all season is 7 cm high, almost imperceptible thanks to the width of the heel. A wide shaft suitable for all types of legs and a very thin, unlined and malleable leather that you can wrinkle to your liking.

Straight or wrinkled as you prefer, but always comfortable for less than €75

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