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Rosalía's book that will make you overcome September

September arrives without you expecting it. Suddenly it's summer and in a flash, it has flown by and there he is. A month that you don't see coming and influences you much more than any other of the year.

You go back to your routine just like that. You leave the sun, the beach, the good weather and change it for routine, decisions and responsibilities.

You are not prepared for so much depression.

We want to help you get through the bad times and that's why we have prepared a list of content to make your post-vacation hangover less harsh. Let's start!

1. Flamenca - The book that inspired Rosalía

Flamenca is number one in sales thanks to the powerful Rosalía . If she is on the rise, so is the book on which her latest album "El Mal Querer" is based.

It is a medieval novel originally written in Occitan and is about how the protagonist fights to escape a tormented love.

«Every composer always contributes a part of real, personal material, but at the same time there must also be fantasy. Somehow, the theme of evil wanting connects with me. I saw the title very clearly, but at the same time there is a clear inspiration in a novel called Flamenca , from the 14th century, by an anonymous author.» Rosalía says in an interview with the newspaper El Mundo.

A story of self-improvement and self-love is what we need to empower ourselves in the face of September . And if we put the Catalan album on top of the background, we already have peace assured.

You can buy the book here .

2. Self-esteem - Cupid

To spend a sad day the best thing is music . A list of songs that speak wonders about you and how the world is to blame for everything. Obvious.

You can start with this Cupid theme that will boost your morale and make you dance in equal measure. Two of our favorite plans.

Music is key to keeping your mood intact and anxiety going away.

4. Euphoria - The new HBO series

The series that everyone is talking about and that you should be talking about. If you are a little down and feel misunderstood like a teenager, this HBO series will intensify your drama but under magnificent direction, photography that will make you fall in love, and an exquisite soundtrack.

If you know how to manage its eight chapters, you can have entertainment for almost the entire month, although we already warned that it can be a "marathon alert."

5. A few laughs after a hard day


It's time to go down and have a drink with your friends, disconnect with a laugh and tell them all this. You will be the queen of the dance and you will be in your element talking about Flamenca and Rosalía , singing about Cupid or talking at length about how Euphoria is the best teen series of the 21st century.

You will have already adapted to the routine and October will be knocking on the door.

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