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5 things about Bryan that very few know

That we are Made in Spain and that we make our women's shoes with great love is what you knew until now. But...Who is Bryan ? What's behind the brand?
There are many stories we have to tell you, but let's start at the beginning.

Bryan Stepwise as a brand

No...even though that is what most think, Bryan is not the name of Bryan's CEO. We go back to the origin to find out where Bryan comes from.

When it came to choosing a name for our brand, we had a thousand proposals from advertising agencies and people around us, but nothing convinced us. We were going to start and we wanted the best in all aspects.

We looked a little deeper, for something that really represented us and at the moment when it was time to decide, we looked at Bryan , our CEO's dog, the one who was always with us in the office, and we thought that there was no one who deserved it even It will represent us more than him.

Bryan Stepwise as a team

Behind Bryan there is a young and very united team who work side by side so that individual work fits perfectly with the rest. Each of us feels this project as ours and we believe that this is the true key.

Our artisans are a fundamental pillar, they have been dedicating their entire lives to footwear, and we work with them to create a 10 product.

And together with the sales and marketing team, a perfect balance is created that can be seen in the final result. 

Women's shoes made by them

There is a majority of women in the team, both in positions of responsibility in production and communication processes, as well as in execution.

Artisans, designers, photographers, administrators, directors and dressers who make up a large number of the brand's staff. A historical pillar in the footwear industry but invisible for many years and that at Bryan we want to highlight.

Bryan Stepwise, the origin

Bryan was born from tradition and craftsmanship, from know-how and the desire to take it further.

Until now we manufactured for other brands, since our artisans know the world of footwear perfectly and have been dedicated to it their entire lives.

Being shoe artisans we decided to go one step further.

We felt the call to cover needs that we considered the market demanded: quality women's shoes at a fair price, looking for trends and comfort; and we decided to apply this art or know-how to a new brand.

Bryan Stepwise in Japan

Currently our footwear is present in many countries such as Japan, Italy, Russia, Portugal...

We began to be present in other countries thanks to the exhibition of our women's shoes at well-known fairs such as Milan. We evolve quickly and adapt to digitalization.

We sell our shoes in addition to other stores, as you already know, in our own online store nationwide.

Bryan Stepwise as designers

All our designs are our own, they come from our house and from the same person. The process from having an idea until it is carried out is very long.

In this process there are 1,000 calls a day, 20,000 changes, meetings, debates, votes and doubts, but what we always have is trust.

Confidence that with hard work and effort everything is achieved and in Bryan we have a lot of that.

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