We interviewed INNMIR after releasing their latest Single "MIEDO" – Bryan Stepwise

We interviewed INNMIR after releasing their latest Single "MIEDO"

We met Innmir in the best place: a festival. And not just any festival, we are talking about the FIB
It was 2018, but she has been collecting for more years as a DJ.

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Valencian by blood, the figure of this young woman radiates freshness and, above all, a lot of fun.
In their sessions: the radiant current musical grid is mixed with great songs that we all keep in our heads and that we will never be able to stop dancing to.
Prestigious venues like the Ocho y Medio in Madrid host this artist and we are looking forward to meeting her again and dancing on the floor.

You just released your latest single with Amatria, "MIEDO". A great song full of vitality and optimism to conquer our ghosts that you sing in two voices with Joni Antequera.

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Q.- What was it like working with him?

A.- It was a luxury to work with an artist like Joni. He has guided and helped me in every step I have taken and has made me trust myself much more when composing or writing any lyrics.

One of the aspects that arouses the most curiosity is the creative process, 

Q.- How was Fear?

A.- Well, the truth is that it is a project that began in Valencia in my friend Luis Clemente's studio and ended in Toledo.

Before “Miedo” I still had a lot of insecurities in myself and thanks to the support of Joni (Amatria) and my Ginebras, everything was hyperfluid.

I remember being at Joni's house and we all locked ourselves in separate rooms to create different melodies and pick the ones that were coolest. Joni was listening to us and recording. It was super fun.

Miedo is your second single after “You have that Light”. Both very positive and very danceable and define your own style very well. But before embarking on interpreting your creations, you had resounding success in remixes such as 'This Is Now' by ELYELLA, 'La Ruta del Amor' by Varry Brava or the bombshell El fin del mundo by La La Love you.

Q.- What is the path of INNMIR? More own songs? Other collaborations? Or don't you close doors?...

A.- Well, INNMIR 's path is not to close doors and continue achieving goals and dreams, even if it sounds mega typical. Who was going to tell me a few years ago when I started all this that I would end up singing my own songs.
So, on this path there is room for more own songs, more collaborations and... why not? an EP. For dreaming...

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Your DJ sessions are known for the power, good vibes and joy with which you invade the entire track.

Q.- Direct from your playlist, what songs have accompanied you this last pandemic year?

A.- Well, taking a look at my 2020 playlist, among the most listened to songs are “My name is Abba” by Sidonie, “Chico Pum” by Ginebras, “Mucho Nivel” by Novedades Carminha, “The Meeting” by Amaia and Alizz and I could go on...hahaha.

Something that never stops playing on my Playlist is Daft Punk, recently separated. News that has made this 2021 a little grayer ;(.

Speaking of the year 2020, it has been a hard blow for festivals and venues.

Q.- How does 2021 look like? Where can we see you in the coming months?
A.- 2021 looks hopeful. Unfortunately it doesn't look like a normal year full of bowling and festivals.

But you will be able to see me at some festivals. At the moment I have announced one for next May in Cascante (Navarra), “Sound Stations”. There will be more...

This month and with this campaign we put the focus on the figure of women in the music industry. We believe that greater visibility is necessary for the role that artists, like you, play in this sector.

Q.- What aspects do you consider important to work on to advance in this direction?

A.- I think it is very important to give each other visibility, support each other and feel supported also within the sector. That is fundamental.

Q.- Have you ever felt undervalued in your work because you are a woman? (For example: you have not been given the same opportunities as some of your colleagues; sexist comments; etc...)

A.- At first yes. I have sometimes felt that I was not “taken seriously” or that they did not believe in my abilities and knowledge as a DJ.
I feel like I've maybe had to prove myself more worthy of this.

As for sexist comments, yes I have received some, but from the public, never from any of my colleagues.

In fact, within the sector, I have always felt very supported by my colleagues.
Things are slowly changing. More and more women are dedicating themselves to this and that is very positive. It makes us advance by leaps and bounds.

Not long ago, the focus was placed on the lack of female representation in posters and warm-ups at festivals and events.

Q.- Has anything been changed? Are you still fighting?

A.- This is something that has also changed over the years. More and more festivals and clubs are trying to ensure equity in their programming and that also makes us move forward.

For me, the important thing is the artist and what he/she offers, regardless of whether he/she is a man or a woman. We can all be equally valid, regardless of sex.

Q.- Can you recommend 3 or 4 favorite singers?

A.- At the national level Magüi, singer from Ginebras (I fell in love with her voice from the first day I heard it <3), Amaia & Zahara (their songs are pure emotion). And on an international level I'll stick with Dua Lipa.

Q.- Any associations, organizations, festivals, other girls (producers, stylists, photographers,...) that you feel proud of?

A.- I could be until tomorrow naming colleagues but taking advantage of the fact that I have just released “Miedo” and I am going to name the wonderful team of women who have been part of all this and the INNMIR project in general since I started.
María Eguizábal (@Vananarecords)
Gins (@ginebrasbanda)
Alba García (@BIKUS)
Edelia Beltrán (@ultradinamica)
Carla Schaffner (@carlasifer)

Without them, it wouldn't be the same!

Q.- What is your guilty pleasure in music?

A.- Sing all the songs from La Oreja de Van Gogh as if I were Amaia Montero.

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