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Becomely, the Spanish ethical fashion brand that you should know

When Fun and Sustainability go hand in hand

Becomely is a Spanish ethical fashion brand that seeks fun and commitment to sustainability in each of its products. Their clothing, made to order, fuses craftsmanship with 3D printing and its minimal impact on the environment.

It champions values ​​such as honest sustainability that demonstrates its values ​​with facts. Facts that take the form of unique, special pieces, custom-made with love and dedication.

Pieces that champion delicacy and detail.

Among them we find light volumes and a perfect mix between avant-garde and tradition.

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Becomly is a very special brand for us, they were part of our last Right Here campaign, in which we used exclusive pieces from the brand and it was a real pleasure.

Q.- Who is behind the brand?

A.- Behind Becomely I am Quique Vidal as creative director and CEO, my colleague Ekaitz is responsible for managing the online store and orders and Estudio Cartulina handles the communication and production of the different fashion shows and editorials.

In addition to us, there are many people who do not work with us daily but are part of our DNA, such as the NGO APRAMP, the workshop where we make most of our garments.

Q.- How and when did Becomely emerge?

A.- Becomely emerged spontaneously 7 years ago, but it was in 2015, with my move to Madrid, when I started working on it as a business project.

In Becomely's philosophy and way of doing things, new technologies are combined with the most traditional craftsmanship, working with local suppliers to support a supralocal and local economy.

Becomely is a clear example that it is possible for both worlds to go hand in hand, without one implying the replacement of the other. Quite the opposite: it helps to add value and generate exclusive products.

This, however, surely requires a more complex creative and production process.

Q.- Why is it important for Becomely to maintain the connection with the artisanal world?

Q.- What advantages does introducing cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing offer?

A.- It is important because it is a way to continue keeping traditions alive and supporting the national industry. From shoe lining, button making to many other processes.

The main advantage of manufacturing using the 3D printing technique is saving stock, since we only produce what we sell, something sustainable on an environmental level and economically as a small business.

Q.- What is the most complicated part of the process when it comes to shaping your creations?

A.- The most difficult part is making something special but at the same time comfortable for a woman.

We invite our clients to our dream universe but also so that they can wear these garments in a very comfortable and self-confident way.


Another of the brand's strong points is innovation, not only present in the design and process of the product but also in brand communication.

And the image of Becomely is very identifying and differential.

Q.- What is the intention to convey with the brand image? What audience/values ​​do you mainly want to address?

A.- We do not have a defined audience as a strategy. Yes, we are clear about what type of women buy or would like to buy our clothes.

Regarding age, it is very varied, as is their lifestyle. They are women who value quality and sustainability, and who opt for fewer clothes in their closets, but with which they feel identified.

We loved the digital show that Becomely held to show its new collection.

An online format that brought the catwalk closer to all audiences without leaving the location and made this type of event accessible to everyone, a way to get closer to fashion and, especially, the brand.

Q.- Why did you decide to try this format?

A.- We proposed this format in the summer of 2019, more than a year ago, after our physical show at Samsung EGO, within MBFWM.

It didn't seem fair to us that many people were left without seeing the parade in first person, so we proposed a digital strategy in which all attendees are equally important.

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You also defend values ​​such as Slow Shopping (with which we agree 100% in Bryan ): consume less but of higher quality, avoiding fast fashion or mass industrialization of the product . For this reason, many of your garments are made to order.

Q.- What response do you receive from your clients with this type of dynamic?

Q.- Any new projects or progress that you have on the horizon and that you want to share with us?

A.- Having to wait to receive the dress that you have been dreaming of for a long time can sometimes be a positive thing, since it makes you want it more, and other times it can be a negative thing due to the rush involved in buying a garment for a specific event.

We believe that it is a way to educate our clients and that favors Slow Shopping.

Having to wait to receive the dress you've been dreaming of for a long time can sometimes be a positive thing, as it makes you want it more.

We are currently preparing our new collection, which will also be presented in digital format and, of course, will include some very fun new items.

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