The best-selling sandals of these sales, Bryan Stepwise Blog

The best-selling sandals in these sales

Do you want to know what is sweeping these sales?

Below, we show you the top models from Bryan Stepwise's new collection of women's sandals that have been flying since day 1 of the sale.

We want to share with you how to combine them with examples of real people who inspire us and how to adapt them to each situation so that you do not hesitate to get them.

You are choosing them because they are a 10 in trend and quality and for their versatility.

Olympia: Bet on comfort without giving up style

The most requested women's flat sandal among those who know us. You were expecting a perfect collection of sandals to wear day and night this summer and only we have not disappointed you, but we have improved your expectations.

You have exhausted the stock of this flat sandal . It is a shoe that has no age, what it does have are a thousand possibilities that make them essential in our daily lives, whatever our routine may be.

For fans of basics, in the image below two simple lines come together creating a fun daily look to be able to look cute to all our plans.

To make it more difficult for you to tell you that you can choose between brown or black , we leave it in your hands.

Milan: The must of the season

Minimalism made into a sandal, in the purest Bryan style. We have the Milan flat sandal in all its facets and colors. With its 3 stripes it has become the top of the season. The most sought after women's sandals , imitated but unique.

"Less is more" is the perfect definition for this outfit. As simple as it is special, with tones from the same color range. We propose this idea to continue with the minimalist line and acquire it as a way of life. Give a little color to your day with the different options of this sandal, available in red , brown , yellow and black .

Diane takes us to the other extreme

We climb to the heights with Diane . Combine them with your favorite jeans and eat your day.

For high-heeled lovers who claim to not know how to live without them, this collection also has the perfect high-heeled sandals . Diane in her clay tone is a safe bet and one of your favorites and there are no brown feet that they don't flatter. A very soft option for basic looks , giving it that touch that completes them.

With Nolita we join the square toe and so do you!

Our Best Seller, Nolita black and brown , is the most chosen high-heeled sandal for women among fashion lovers, for its simplicity and sophistication. This summer has come to stay and we continue to replenish them so that you can all have yours.

We propose this monochrome look by Silvia Bosh with subtle touches of color. But for the most daring, you have endless possibilities with Nolita in red , to stand out in any situation with a burst of color.

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Medusa owner of comfort

Due to its elegance and comfort, it has managed to sneak into our summer travel suitcases, to visit endless beautiful cities and take a million photos.

With Medusa we wanted to add minimalism with the braiding trend , resulting in that characteristic knot with volume that prestigious brands have used so much. AtBryan we like to adapt runway designs to real life and Medusa achieves this in each of its colors.

You can visit the previous post on our Blog " Everything you need to know about the Bryan Stepwise Summer Sale ", to find out every detail of oursales on women's sandals.

If you need ideas or inspiration on how to combine your summer sandals, we are active on Instagram and Faceebok where we like to share ideas, combinations and show real people with their daily looks .

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