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Influencers bet on this brand made in Spain

Influencers existed before social media: grandmothers, mothers and sisters have been advising and helping each other for a long time. We inspire each other. We have always shared our experiences and influenced each other.

Now, the reach is much greater and people far away, whom we admire, discover new ideas for us through their phone. That inspiration, from the influencer phenomenon, is what we keep in Bryan.

How do we collab in Bryan?

Naturalness is very important in our collaborations. We were very clear from the beginning that the collaborations should come from the truth. From that truth that lies in the past when friends and family shared their tricks.

That essence should not be lost and of course, we did not want (nor do we want) to contribute to losing it.

"Try our shoes for real and if you like them, talk about us" we always tell them. Our products are comfortable shoes made of quality materials and that is not something you can cheat with. We are looking for sincerity and that when they arrive at your home, you will see for yourself.

We are very proud to have strong connections and links with inspiring girls. Because thanks to that, wonderful things have happened to us that we didn't expect: mentions that surprise us, spontaneous thanks, disinterested recommendations,...


With the hashtag BryanAddicted, many girls share their outfits and give ideas on how to combine our shoes. In our tagged photos section on Instagram, you can see references and different styles to find inspiration.

We love to see how there is not just one Bryan girl, but many. We create very versatile models that can fit in a variety of styles and fashions.

Most wanted

To make it easy, we show you the models most loved by our influencers. The ones that are top sellers and the most popular.

Jandra cowboy boot

Marta Soriano was one of the first girls we worked with. We were still a newborn brand when she noticed us and told us that she had fallen in love with the Jandra. After that first contact, we have seen her wearing the boots on a thousand and one trips and in many, many photos.

Grecia sandal

The Grecia sandal has been everyone's favourite this summer. Thousands of units sold in all colours and one of the most chosen by influencers. Among them, the winner of Master Chef who told us that she wore them all night and was super comfortable. We love reactions like that :)

Heeled sandal, Mara Beige

Raquel Reitx was also with us from almost the beginning. A seeker of new brands, Raquel loves discovering projects and helping a lot to make them known. We were lucky enough for her to like us and for her to try our shoes. Since then she has been with us season after season.

Country boot, Valentina Camel

We are big fans of many professionals and we love collaborating with people like Helena Condis. Supporting each other and giving visibility to wonderful work is another part of joining forces that we love.

Flat sandal, Zoe

When a top gives us photos like this, we can't be more grateful. To combine a formal style with our sandals and to see how they make the most of our work, is very gratifying. Teresa Bass didn't hesitate with Zoe and since she took it, many more joined in. The importance of a photo!

Flat sandal, Coco

We leave for the end a very special sandal. It's the Coco sandal, available in brown and black. A basic that Sara Bace discovered several summers ago and that she has recommended to many of her friends like María Martí. Thank you very much Sara for trusting us.

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