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The right way to keep your summer sandals

If you are one of those who finish the summer and keep all your shoes together until next year? THIS IS OF INTEREST TO YOU!

Have you been doing it wrong all your life? We'll give you some tips to help you find out and improve your technique for keeping your summer sandals.

We'll give you the keys to keep your shoes looking as good as new next summer.

1_ Clean and save

The most important step, without a doubt, is to clean your women's sandals well before storing them.

If they are made of leather, you can clean them with a wet wipe, always without soaking the sandal. You can also moisturise them with a specific cream.

To leave your split leather sandals perfect, you should brush the hair, always in the same direction and without applying any water.

Finally, clean the sole of your sandals. The following year they will be as good as new and with a good smell.

Your future self will thank you!

2_ How to keep them?

How many times have you taken out last year's shoes and they were shaped like anything but shoes?

In the long run, this causes the leather to deform and they are not as comfortable as usual. Sandals have to have their own space.

The best way to solve this problem is to store them in the same way they came when you first got them.

Take newspaper or magazines that are no longer useful and stuff the sandals so that, when you store them, they don't lose their original shape.

3_ Tips for suede sandals

It is essential to store them brushed so that the leather looks as good as new.

Another trick is to put them individually in plastic bags to protect them from humidity. If you store them in the wrong way for a few months, you may find that when you take them out again they will have some scratches on the leather.

Don't forget to stuff them with newspaper before putting them in the bag. If you follow all the steps, you'll have brand new sandals every summer.

4_ Don't throw away your shoebox

No empty shoe storage! The less space they take up, the better, that's not the case with shoes, that's for clothes.

Shoes should be stored with love and care.

Don't throw away your sandal boxes to store them at the end of the summer - they'll come in handy!

This is when you'll be glad you invested in quality shoes and don't have a million shoes to keep.

5_ Do they all carry over to next summer?

It's time to do some cleaning, think about how many times you've worn each of your sandals and if you think you're going to keep wearing them next summer.

Don't just keep for the sake of keeping, space is at a premium and surely not all of them deserve to be there.

The ones that always go with you and never fail, the ones that take care of your feet, the ones that can go with everything and, above all, the ones that are in good condition to keep on giving them life.

Now you're ready for when it's time to change your wardrobe, remember that less is more and... The less you have to keep, the better!

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