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How to choose your sandals well if you have delicate feet

Delicate feet in summer

In this new post we want to solve many doubts regarding our flat and high-heeled summer sandals .

Are they comfortable? Do they fit all types of feet? Which ones do you recommend?

There are many of us who suffer hell when it comes to choosing summer footwear , but DON'T QUIET, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

If you are on our side you cannot miss what comes next.

Subjection as a way of life

That awkward moment, when you've been walking in a hurry for a while so as not to be late for your appointment, and you think that your sandals aren't going to make it, is what we wanted to solve with our Medusa .

A flat sandal , which with its two 100% leather straps, crossed in the shape of a knot, manages to accompany your foot in every movement.

Medusa in nude , brown or black is the summer sandal that you won't take off all season, with a padded sole, making your daily life much easier.

Magic made sandal

Something that we cannot explain with words, you need to feel them to know it.

Milan with two straps , for those who like less is more, for those who like to be tied up without it being noticeable.

It doesn't matter if you have wider feet, this model adapts perfectly to the most difficult feet.

Great for problematic feet that cannot be enclosed in any sandal, they need their space, and our flat sandal perfectly meets this need.

For lovers of the perfect heel

Our beloved Paloma , a mule made of very soft leather, so fine that we refer to it as a 2nd skin, being very flexible, for times when we may have more swollen feet than normal or simply for wider feet.

The all-terrain heeled sandal , capable of not making you give up good heels for comfort.

The most elegant summer sandal , in black and nude , with a super trendy square toe.

Prejudices aside, not only are pretty sandals made for perfect feet, nor are quality shoes unaffordable, there is no excuse.

You can also take advantage of our sales to get a good wardrobe.

Continue learning about our sandals on thewebsite , where we make a brief reference to each of our women's shoes .

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