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How to combine boots and ankle boots in summer

Do you wear boots in summer yes or no?

A very polarized issue as happens with pizza with or without pineapple. When you choose a side you defend it with honor and you don't understand how there are people on the other side. Wow, both Spains. And in this case, there are two types of people in life: those who wear boots in summer and those who don't.

We perfectly understand that there are feet that, due to their constitution, cannot even think about this idea, since there is nothing like a cool sandal , but there are many others that do not use them out of pure conviction but then they combine their favorite sneakers with their most comfortable outfits. summer.

This entry is dedicated to resistance, to those of you who are not convinced of this trend.

Next, we show you how we all have our ideal boot for summer, whatever our style.

Valentina, for the most boho chic.

Combine boots with your favorite summer dress, like Bea Feliu does, with a romantic style and camel Valentina . An increasingly present resource in this season.

Giving a lot of play to your looks, plain or printed as Ubedevivir and Belén Antequera show us. They combine Uma , a high-heeled, all-terrain and timeless country boot with a floral print in shades of blue, and Valentina , our most romantic boot and one of the most desired models by our community.

Festivals! Jandra is your boot

We are all sad about the absence of festivals, but calm down! We still have the concerts (even if they are seated)

Sitting but with the top flat boots of the season.

Jandra is here to stay. The star boot in tan , beige and black complements any look and will accompany us to all our concerts. Choose your dress or shorts and your feet, well protected from trampling!

Basic looks also have their perfect boot

Basic t-shirt and knit skirt, this is how Carmen huertas combines Brooke camel and breaks all our schemes. She shows us how to wear a cowboy boot with a daily summer look. Comfortable and simple but with that touch that makes you the center of attention due to its small embroidered details, which make them unique.

After reading this post, what kind of person are you? Have we convinced you? Surely at least we have given you ideas for halftime. Choose your favorite boot or boot and go for it!

And as on our entire website you can get them with a good discount on these sales .

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