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Interview with Cynthia Pereira: "I have been able to work with PlayStation, Nintendo or Game and it is a dream come true"

Many of their photographs garner thousands of likes and their images have been published in well-known magazines in the world of fashion. A job that he has left behind to dedicate himself to what he likes most: the video game sector.

We spoke with Cynthia Pereira about her past as photographer for her sister, Alexandra Pereira (Lovely Pepa to many), and her future in a booming and exciting industry. The gamer world moves millions and millions a year: entertaining at home with video game consoles, generating content on networks or competing in e-sports (electronic sports).

To give you an idea, the final of the League of Legends world championship is more watched than the Super Bowl. Ibai Llanos has more viewers than a prime time channel and more games are sold per year than movie tickets or records. Entering that sector is quite a challenge!

At BryanTALKS we love to introduce different women who are passionate about their work. Today we delve into the life of Cynthia Pereira to discover more closely her most personal side and, as always, her professional life.

Q.- Let's start from the roots and from there, let's get to know the Cynthia of today more. What did you want to be when you were little? And on the other hand, when did you get hooked on video games and with what game?

A. - I wanted to be many things! Photographer, chef, veterinarian... but it is true that what I most wanted to be, for the most years, and what I focused on when approaching Selectivity was Medicine. Surgeon specifically. Then things changed, things happened to me that made me consider whether I wanted to endure that level of stress until I finished the MIR and beyond and I opted for something that I also liked, Psychology.

Human relationships are something that has always fascinated me and I wanted to understand their dynamics. Understand why people behave that way. The course disappointed me, at least the way Psychology is treated at the public university seems cold to me. They base behavior on very simple processes and I think that perhaps if I had received a current more based on emotion it would have conquered me but that was not the case. Even with everything I decided to finish it because I like to finish what I start.

To video games... oh my god, I couldn't even remember when, I know I was about four years old and it was with the Playstation 1 and the GameBoy. I remember games like Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid or Resident Evil, but one that won my heart was Heart of Darkness for PS1, quite unknown but I think it was the one that clicked for me.

Q.- An important facet was and is photography. Many of the images on your sister Alexandra's Instagram are yours. You have even been published in important fashion magazines. Was it vocational or as a hobby?

A.- It arose in that breakdown I had with Psychology. I had my first reflex camera in my fourth grade and from that moment on I did photo shoots for my friends or simply artistic photos. In the second year of my degree, I got very nervous because I disliked psychology and I considered changing to a private photography school. I even won an IED scholarship to study photography there, but in the end I decided to continue with the direction I had. I became self-taught and enjoyed it a lot. When I had the opportunity to work with Alex after finishing my degree, I went full throttle and learned a lot. It was incredible and there was a perfect dynamic between the two.

Trust helped a lot to make the result perfect.

Unfortunately I feel like I've lost the inspiration I had before. I no longer take the photos that I used to take. That eye for finding the moment and the frame has been lost in some pocket but I hope to find it again.

Q.- You worked side by side with your sister Alexandra. Being part of a project like this, one of the most important in the influencer world in Spain, it must be very impressive to see how it grows and grows and at the same time as this influencer phenomenon and a platform like Instagram does. As was?

A.- The truth is that I sweat pride from all sides. Having experienced the entire process from the beginning, of creating a profession in this country with a pioneer in it, has taught me a lot for my current work life.

She is a great professional, dedicated and focused on her own work, which I believe is her recipe for success, apart from many other things.

Q.- What do you take away most from that stage?

A.- Working with her for four years has been wonderful and has allowed me to experience unforgettable things like spending a week two summers in the Hamptons, being at a Hilfiger show in New York with Taylor Swift by my side or traveling to many places in incredible conditions. . But above all, living it with her, she is one of the most important people in my life and my role model.

Q.- And the least?

A.- There is nothing that I disliked. I'm on a different path because I think that at my age (27 in just a month) it's time to try to dedicate myself to my passion, which is video games, but I know that the path alongside my sister will always be there for me. We make a great team.

Q.- Now you are walking your own path and you have been able to make your passion for video games your profession. Right now you combine your work at Eleven Media with the master's degree in Marketing, Communication and Video Game Management at the VoxelSchool Digital Art University School. Is it difficult to carry both things or does it help because they have synergy between the two?

A.- It is very complicated... it is not only those two paths, but also not neglecting my family and my friends. In the end I spend more than 15 hours a day outside my house and when the weekend comes what I want most is to rest, play games, watch series... but you can't leave behind the people you care about and there are You also have to make an effort to dedicate time to them.

Of course they feed each other. I think that although it is hard, it has been worth it. Both options were presented to me at the same time, and I couldn't decide. I said “it's the year to go all out.” In the end, in my work I have already had contact with people in the industry with whom I dreamed of working at some point through my master's training and it is already happening.

I think that although it is hard, it has been worth it. Both options were presented to me at the same time, and I couldn't decide. I said "it's the year to go with everything"

And what I learn in the master's degree helps me a lot to understand the sector in which I work every day.

Q.- At Eleven you produce digital content for clients. How did you get to the agency? What does your work consist of? Is there a client you are particularly excited about?

A.- The story is very funny. About a year ago I was searching on YouTube for how to broadcast my games on Twitch without having many means (camera, capturer, a set up... etc) and I came across a video by a guy called Toniemcee who made a series of tutorials for dummies like me. . I started digging into his channel and discovered everything he did, that he had a digital content Production Company-Agency specializing in video games and I said... Oh god, this guy! It's what I would like to be. I followed him on Instagram and he followed me back, it was very cool.

Months later, when I made the decision to follow my own path and my sister encouraged me, I felt a little like the meme of the dog in front of a computer with a war in the background that says "me looking for a job in the middle of a pandemic." I tested my options and remembered Toni.

I sent him a message and told him how much I admired his work, that I was looking for a job and that I would be thrilled if he would consider me in the future. I didn't know if what I was doing was unprofessional, but I think it was proactive.

He invited me to stop by his offices and the connection was instant, a week later I was working there.

That's been 3 months and I'm happier every day.

The people who are there make an incredible team, we contribute a lot to each other and they are making me grow professionally like a rocket.

I'm very lucky. Hand in hand with one of my colleagues and with Toni always involved in everything, we manage the company's communication, strategy, creativity, production, etc.

I have already been able to work with PlayStation, Nintendo or Game and it is a dream come true.

Q.- Many people are not aware of what e-sports or electronic sports move and what the gaming industry, in general, represents for the world of entertainment today. Could you explain to us what area you are in and what it consists of?

A.- The video game industry is in full growth. eSports already generated as much audience as the NBA in the US in 2019. Its growth rate increases annually and so does the investments in it.

Not only that, but the number of console players, the number of consoles sold, of games, the indie gaming industry, the movies or series that come out of video games... Without a doubt this is the time and I hope it helps some little minds to Stop thinking that video games are for children.

I am in one of those booming parts. The creation of content. The Ibai phenomenon is a clear example that this branch of video games is a success. Content creators, branded content…. Etc

Q.- Something that we would like to highlight in this interview is that in the world of video games, both in terms of players and business, there are many women. Super fan women, professionals and in many important positions: communication, management, translators, testers, programmers, etc. Even so, it is a small percentage due to the inherent machismo in this world and many times these figures are diminished by the industry itself or by the image of some e-girls that become visible and generalized. There is work ahead, do you think that little by little there will be less prejudice? What gender challenges do you see in your daily life?

A.- You have touched on a sensitive topic for me hahahaha. If I am clear about anything at this moment, it is that one of my main objectives with my immersion in the sector is that I want to change how radical machismo is in this sector. Many times very explicit, such as completely out of place comments to female players in online games or simply the completely unbalanced ratio of content creators compared to female content creators and other times more implicit such as simply that the communication of the campaigns of certain video games are oriented to women and the rest to men.

One of my main objectives with my immersion in the sector is that I want to change how radical machismo is in this sector.

We are many women who play, many women who like good games and not just those about singing, cooking, or creating an avatar in a cute world. We like shooters, we like metroidvania, we like roguelike, we like everything and there will be women who are much better players than many men, but we are not taken seriously. You won't see an ad for the new Call of Duty in Vogue but you will in a GQ or an Esquire. Because “it's wasted money,” “the women who buy that magazine don't like to play.”

Gentlemen, it is a whiting that bites its tail, if communication continues focused on men, women will never think that it is something for them.

Furthermore, the few female content creators we have in Spain are either very oriented to a specific niche or I would say oriented to what a man wants to see on his screen.

I have experienced the same thing in certain groups around me, who criticized me saying that this was for guys, or for children.

The ideas have been marked for many years and the ideas, just like the language, must evolve.

As for professionally… I hope that my skills and my passion are enough to never receive this discrimination.

Q.- Let's make their names known. Can you tell us any colleagues in the sector that you want to recommend?

A.- Alba Horcajuelo ( @albihm ), presenter of Conexión Playstation and a good player, she likes the same games as me and is a great professional.

Jen Herranz ( @jenherranz ) is also a sun, she is more oriented towards games like LOL which I don't give much to, but she has been in the communication sector for years (she was at Vodafone Yu and she did great).

And I have already been able to work on some projects with women in the sector who have nothing to prove because their professionalism precedes them.

Q.- We love seeing you enjoy your favorite games and we encourage you to continue streaming on Twitch! What title are you hooked on now?

A.- Something constant is Warzone, I am always playing with my squad online and I have fun broadcasting it. But I just got Cyberpunk 2077 and I want to fully explore all the controversy over its bugs and graphics .

Q.- You are an artist for a while. And anyone who follows you on Instagram knows that you love playing the guitar and making your own versions of your favorite songs. We always like to receive recommendations and learn about new music. What are you listening to now? What album or artist are you on loop with?

A.- The truth is, yes, I make a lot of trouble on Instagram with my songs but I enjoy it a lot. Now I can't stop listening to Nathy Peluso's song Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 36 with Bizarrap. I'm very happy with her. Otherwise I love Spanish indie.

Q.- And speaking of social networks, what does Instagram mean to you? What are you excited to do on Insta that you haven't done yet and that you wouldn't do for the world?

A.- Instagram is a medium through which I make myself known. I like to share with people what I like, what I'm discovering and it's also like a memory album for me. In the end, based on sharing so much, everything is collected there when I want to remember what has happened in recent years.

I would like to become a gaming content creator, I am very excited that people have me as a reference woman in this sector.

There are already people who have written to me saying that this is the case, like a mother who sees me to find out what games can be educational for her child beyond Fortnite.

What wouldn't I do? Promotion of things I don't believe in, things that go against my way of thinking, etc.

Q.- And finally, what are your future plans? How do you see yourself in 5 years?

A.- My dreams are big, I'm not going to lie to you. I am very happy where I am and I think I have a lot to learn here but if I can dream of working with my PlayStation master teachers side by side in communication I would be amazed. The Nintendo or Game workflow also attracts me a lot. I don't really know for sure, I just know that I have found my path and I am on it.

Working with my PlayStation master teachers side by side in communication would be amazing to me.

Your most personal side

In our latest autumn-winter footwear collection, we wanted to give importance to origins. Memories, places and customs that have made us who we are today...

Q. - A value that you learned from your family.

A. - I don't think I could highlight just one. I can say that I have largely made myself but the most important values ​​come from my family. The main thing is how important family is and being united. To pull each other when the other is not well. To believe in myself and what I can do if I want, to work for it.

Q. - Favorite homemade food and whose.

A. - I have to say that my father cooks very very well, but my mother takes the cake. Their cotobelos con carne (a delicious meat and pasta stew), their potato omelette or their lentils should be tried by everyone. (As you see when it comes to my family I can't choose just one thing hahaha).

Q. - A place that identifies you .

A. - Where things happen. When I was younger I really wanted to live in Madrid. Where fairs, film premieres, good concerts take place. The hustle and bustle attracts me. If the things that have to do with my work happened in Los Angeles now, I wouldn't mind living there either.

Tell us about your city of origin, we want to do routes through the city where you grew up, Vigo.

Q. - What are your 3 favorite places that everyone should know if they visit the province?

A. - The truth is that I have not known Galicia very in depth (I know, it is strange but I have tended to travel more to other places in Spain or abroad than to my own community). If I had to talk about what to do there, I would say that without a doubt the Camino de Santiago is an unforgettable experience. The sunset at Cabo Estai in Vigo or the Sil canyons.

The Camino de Santiago is an unforgettable experience. The sunset at Cabo Estai in Vigo or the Sil canyons.

 Q. - Define Vigo in three words:

A. - Family, memories and peace.

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