Combined beige leather boot - KENDRA
Outdoor boots for women of maximum trend and comfort. Kendra in beige leather will become your perfect ally to reinvent any look.It is a sweet, soft boot with a touch of bronze that brings style and elegance to a trekking-inspired...
79,90€ 55,95€
Combined brown leather boot - KENDRA
The trekking-style boots are and will be the main trend in the coming months. In brown, you can combine them with almost any style. With soles ultra light and with breathable interior, they will be the perfect shoes for any...
79,90€ 55,95€
Soft brown leather cowboy booty - CALIOPE
Caliope is a cowboy booty for women that integrates the trend of its design and soft brown color. It's ideal for skirt, dress or ankle pants. This campero ankle boot is a high quality model designed for your comfort. With...
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