Black leather strap buckle sandal - MILÁN
The trend of the season. The design of the Milan flat strap sandals arrives this summer to conquer the streets and the most fashionable looks.The concept of standing "on the air" is going to be the hit of this summer...
Black ankle strap sandal - Greece
Leather strappy sandal with a 5 cm wide heel lined in suede leather. The perfect high-heeled sandal to give a touch of style to your looks. With a padded leather sole to make them the most comfortable high-heeled sandals in...
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Animal print black leather sandal - COCO
This flat black leather sandal is a very comfortable basic that you can wear for any occasion.Its sole is padded and 100% leather, achieving maximum comfort. It adapts to your foot, making it the perfect sandal both for going to...
High heel strappy black sandals - NOLITA
We recommend choosing one size larger than usual for the Nolita sandal since its last is narrow. Subtly inspired by the classic Roman cut style, this women's leather sandal has two double straps located in the perfect place so that...
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Black leather sandal - OLYMPIA
Olympia is the name of this leather sandal that fits 100% to your foot. Its bands in the upper area and its interior padded guarantee your comfort. You can combine them with midi skirts, dresses, jeans… any combination is good...
Flat sandal with ankle strap in black color - Roma
The strappy sandals are on trend and the square toe too. Roma has everything to be the favorite flat sandal of the summer. With tubular strips making a drawing on the foot and tied to the heel for greater support....
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Black strappy finger sandal - Mara
The most stylish leather sandals of the season, with a 7 cm wide heel, lined in leather. Tied to the ankle with an adjustable strap and pull on the finger. They have the perfect height to be your favorite sandal...
High heel black leather sandal - DIANE
The black sandal that you will want to wear all summer. 100% Made of leather. Perfect to match with jeans, hood pants, steamy dresses and mini skirts. Its heel and padded interior guarantee your total comfort. See all colors. ·...
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Flat sandal with crossed strap in black leather - Laia
The new version of Roman style sandals adapted to new trends. We comply with the less is more. The minimalist flat sandal has a leather strap at the height of two fingers and two cross straps tied at the ankle...
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Black animal print strappy flat sandal - Zoe
Zoe is a super trendy flat sandal made up of 3 straps that combines two different types of leather. With a square toe and a padded leather sole to make them extremely comfortable. It is a perfect sandal for day...
49,90€ 29,95€
High heel black leather mule - Paloma
The favorite shoes for fashionistas. Mule is a shoe halfway between the clogs and the sandals with a semi coverage of the foot, in this case, undercut at the back and with a front opening. Paloma is a mule made...
64,90€ 51,90€
Medium heel black leather sandal - GRACE
A black leather sandal with a round heel and buckle closure, which you can wear in events and celebrations and in your day to day life. Its lightness and its 2-inch heel make it a guarantee of comfort. 100% made...
64,90€ 38,90€
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