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Latest trends for this summer 2019. Always up to date!

Although the heat wreaks real havoc and the days in the office become an eternity, the truth is that we still have many summer days ahead of us.

With them, new trends arrive with which you can combine your sale shoes without getting bored of them. And, we warn you, that some of them are here to stay in autumn.

Are you ready to come shopping with us?

Slouchy Jeans

This summer's essential pants are called "slouchy" and the blame for this trend (once again) lies with Zara .

However, we declare ourselves to be big fans of these pants, since they have a wide line that allows us to be comfortable, even in jeans in the middle of August.

Wide beige slouchy jeans from Zara (€29.95).
© Courtesy of Zara

This aquamarine green color is very pretty and can be combined with fresh colors that breathe summer.
The combination with flat sandals gives the look an everyday and comfortable touch.

© Courtesy of Zara


Denim is a basic that never fails and will never die.
With a t-shirt or shirt (for a more chic touch) they are perfect for any occasion.
At Bryan, we continue to opt for our Olympia flat leather sandals as the perfect combo for this type of outfit.

© Courtesy of Zara


In the next proposal, we have a more oversized line and other types of more draped fabrics.
For this, a leather sandal like Coco in its brown color is perfect, as it gives the fine and subtle touch that this outfit is crying out for.

© Courtesy of Zara


cargo skirt

That's right, the position is still in fashion and reaches the realm of the skirt.
Miniskirt , midi skirt or long skirt where pockets and guerrilla lines are the queens of the crown.

They can range from more daring and informal styles to more refined ones.

The one we show below, for example, is an urban style, casual and with a lot of personality. The bet on a touch of color never fails.

The trekking style of our Patagonia leather sneakers is tailored to this trend . Cargo skirt with chain, by Bershka (€9.99)

© Courtesy of Bershka


There are also softer cargo skirts , both in design and color:

Miniskirt with XL pockets, from Weekday (€30).
© Courtesy of Weekday


We don't forget more fluid and satiny skirts that, despite having cargo aesthetics, are soft and sweet. A more elegant style.

Pocket satin skirt, from Zara (€25.95).
© Courtesy of Zara


Blouses and shirts

We get a little ahead of trends for next fall 2019.
Oversized shirts and blouses never went out of style, but now they are coming with more force.

We particularly love this romantic style. Those puffed lace sleeves and floral motifs fascinate us.
Stylish and perfect for special occasions. It fits perfectly if you combine it with our Grace black leather sandal .

Organza sleeve shirt, from Zara (€25.95).
© Courtesy of Zara


Finally, this more urban and alternative style is the antithesis of the previous one.
perfect to dress it with our Álex platform sandals.
Absolute bummer!

White Meteorite blouse, from Bimba y Lola (€46).
© Courtesy of Bimba and Lola
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