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Skinny jeans, how to bring them back into fashion with the cowboy boot

Face it, you're not ready to say goodbye to your skinny jeans just yet. They've been the perfect accessory for all your looks over the last few years and it's not the right time to forget them yet!

Cowboy boots are the perfect accessory to bring them back in style! Because as much as they wanted to label as outdated the trend of skinny jeans broken, or basic, in Bryan we still bet for it!

botas cowboy comodas

Apart from being one of the most flattering models of trousers, they allow you to combine them with any type of footwear. We suggest combining them with your most striking cowboy boots for women, so that the western trend gives that touch of style to such a basic garment.

But in case you're still not sure how to wear your usual jeans, what do you think of these suggestions?

botas cowboy mujer

In this look, she manages to give special prominence to the accessories. The choice of garments in blue tones and the careful selection of a bag and boots that contrast, make it a style reference.

botas cowboy comodas

A masculine cut coat, your most basic jeans and your most popular white shirt. A clear example of the transforming power of cowboy boots, capable of turning the most basic outfits into the most inspiring ones.

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