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Original gifts from Spanish brands, make your pack!

It's time to use your imagination and prepare Christmas gifts. Every year the same thing: pajamas + robe, it's always good. We forget the pajamas that we already gave away last year and the year before.

This year we want giving to be fun. At Bryan we make it easier for you with the #MadeinLove action, in which 7 Spanish brands have come together to make it a little easier for you in difficult times.

By purchasing from one of the 7 brands : Compañía Fantástica , We are Uo , Vera & the birds , The acoak , Santa Barbara , Wild Pony and Bryan Stepwise you will receive a 15% discount code via email, to use in any of the other brands.

What we want is for you to be able to get original gifts from different brands, at a discount. Make your pack and surprise that person who deserves it so much.

Pack 1. All trends

We help you with the brands and you choose your favorite pack or items.

You have options for all tastes. A military-style ankle boot cannot be missing from a trend follower's pack, an essential basic this season. Brooklyn is the most combinable platform boot in the collection.

You can combine them with fantastic company pants. And an oversized sweater with geometric designs like the one from Wild Pony . You'll be sure to get it right!

It's Christmas, don't forget about makeup, we never have enough, and if it's from Vera & the bird, even better. Cosmetic, natural, innovative and effective.

Details so that they never forget about you, special jewels from Santa Barbara , made in artisanal processes that make them have even more value.

They won't forget you or their Uo mask, they have super special designs.

Personalize your gift with an illustration from The Acoak , details that make everyone happy.

Pack 2. Special gifts from Spanish brands

Prints full of color, leather, jewelry full of meaning , illustrations that fill spaces, warm and trendy feet and a touch of color on your lips is all that Made in Love offers you to give as a gift this Christmas.

Give the gift of fashion, passion, attitude and a lot of heart with our Spanish brands .

We have the perfect must for this Christmas, but you decide the combination. Think about that person and what could make them happier. Special details such as the illustrations from The acoak or the jewels from Santa Barbara , fashion from Compañía Fantástica, Wild Pony or bryan , beauty with natural products from Vera & the birds and you can always get lost on the Uo website to find a gift original.

Pack 3. Full color

Gifts full of color is the pack that we propose for people with their own light. Each of the brands is a success on these dates. Very special products that you will not find anywhere else.

We propose this pack with one of our favorites at Bryan , the Astrid moccasin. Start the gift with the feet and finish it with a look in the colors of the moment.

Pack 4. Customize your pack

In these 7 brands you will find gifts for everyone. From a detail with a lot of meaning to high-heeled leather boots that you won't take off all year long. Make your pack and give each one what suits her best.

You will surely surprise them!

Each of the brands contributes its part so that you can make your loved ones happy. Buy from your favorite brand and get 15% off the rest of them.


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