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New collection of women's military boots

Having presented the new collection of autumn-winter women's shoes, we want to bring you a little closer to it, especially to the military collection , the trend of the moment.

A style that is hard to see in your closet but that when you try it you don't want to take it off. More and more of us are joining in, and it is no longer necessary to be a fashion crazy to achieve those cool looks that we see on the streets.

Platform military boots are the key piece to create those cool looks, but not all of them are worth it. If you don't choose the right ones, you run the risk of "just trying." At Bryan we have launched 4 models of military boots and ankle boots perfectly designed to be a 10, in addition to having the quality that characterizes us.

Do you think achieving this look is a difficult task? We are going to tell you the steps to achieve it and also investing very little.

The capsule wardrobe

A discovery that has been a revolution, the term was born in the 70s, and it is a selection of basic garments that never go out of style and that are then added to that capsule pieces of the season in which you are.

The objective of the capsule wardrobe is to help you save on clothes, as it only invites you to buy a certain number of items that you will combine in different ways to create your looks.

Don't you know which items you should invest in for your capsule wardrobe?

We help you !

The key pieces to wear the high military boot on a daily basis

The starting point to create your capsule wardrobe and be on-trend are Billie boots. A high-top military boot with a 5 cm platform to give strength to your looks without needing much else.

Our women's military boot has an interior zipper that makes it super comfortable and easy to put on, and it also has laces so you can adapt it perfectly to your leg and leave it however you like. They are 100% leather and we promise you that you won't take them off all winter!

The key to this very cool look is the layering of basic garments such as long knitted sweaters as a dress, playing with different textures and prints.

Our recommendation for this military boot is that you use all the basics that you already have in your closet and combine them with a maxi coat, preferably checkered. This would be the only piece you would have to include in your capsule wardrobe to renew it.

If you want to achieve a more Underground style, you can introduce the traditional knitted hat that you surely have a thousand in your closet (or that of your brothers).

The most combinable military boot

The Brooklyn military boot is one of your favorites.

The Chelsea is already a classic in footwear design. An iconic boot from the 60s that we bring you with a high shaft and a 5-centimetre platform sole in its most powerful version. The past and the present come together in this women's boot, 100% leather, loaded with fashion and craftsmanship.

Check its comfort and you won't want to wear anything else. The subtle lines of this Chelsea boot will follow the contour of your foot, creating a perfect silhouette, and its side zipper will make it easy to put on.

You need two key pieces to give the Brooklyn military boot the vibe it deserves. This women's boot does not need more than a Boyfriend blazer that you could perfectly get from your grandparents' closet and you would be the most trendy, since everything old comes back and the older it is, the better.

If you already have the blazer, you can get wide-leg dress pants to tuck inside the military boot to create the baggy effect that is so fashionable. And if you combine it with a top of the same tone you create the perfect total military style look.

The most punk military boot

Berta is everything you were looking for to give more strength to your looks. A laced low-cut military boot inspired by the most modern punk style that it manages to enhance with its 5-centimetre striped platform.

Its design is completed by a ribbon on the back with black and white lightning motifs and trekking details on the lace hooks (or mountain boot trend) that you can exchange as you wish since Berta comes with two types of laces. different: in black and two-tone black and fluorescent orange.

The women's military ankle boot with the most personality and very easy to combine. Rescue your straight-cut black jeans, a basic white t-shirt from the thousands you have in your closet, and a cream-colored blazer to soften the look.

Finally, look for your legendary Raybans that you haven't used in a while and go out to enjoy the terraces with limited capacity, that is, and in compliance with the regulations.

A different military style

A military boot with a high heel platform and patent leather could not be missing from our collection. Blossom will look great with your coolest looks. Transform a formal suit set or a sweeter printed dress into powerful outfits thanks to this military ankle boot for women designed to break with everything.

You will fall in love with its hand-sewn details and stitching, as well as the shiny appearance of its leather. And it will conquer you with its adjustable shaft width as it has a buckle with a strap tied to the ankle and a lacing system. Adapt it completely to your leg and then put it on comfortably thanks to its side zipper.

Being on-trend will no longer be complicated if you replace 4 basics and add 3 seasonal items. It is time to be sensible and opt for responsible consumption, investing in quality clothing and shoes that will accompany you season after season. It's just a matter of choosing each piece well and combining them with each other. Quality versus quantity.

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