NEW IN: Jimena, the XL high boot you were looking for, Bryan Stepwise

NEW IN: Jimena, the XL high boot you were looking for

A new design, far from what we were used to and from the rest of the collection, will become part of the Bryan Stepwise family today. We introduce you to Jimena .

A flat black leather boot inspired by the equestrian style of horse riding boots and classic chelsea shoes . A combination that radiates elegance and sophistication.

Its XL high top is made with leather and elastic fabric that makes it adapt to your leg like a glove. These women's leather boots combine trend and classic cut, perfect to wear with tights and a mini skirt or short dress. As well as to give a different touch to skinny pants this winter.

Composition and materials

The Jimena boot is made with 80% leather and 20% elastic synthetic fiber to facilitate the fit, as well as the lining. The insole, on the other hand, is 100% leather and the sole is prefabricated and composed of polyurethane.

As for its measurements, the shaft is 46 centimeters, more elongated in the front adding 3 cm more, covering the knees. Its heel is flat, with a height of 2.5 cm.

Why the name Jimena?

All our models have women's names and this boot inspired us with a powerful and strong name. Jimena has a long tradition in our language and has its origin in Hebrew which means "she who knows how to listen."

One of the key figures in our history is Jimena Díaz, protagonist of legends and passions in the famous Cantar del mio Cid. She is not given the importance she deserves, not as much as her husband Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the Cid Campeador.

A cultured and powerful woman who greatly influenced the goings-on of the political and social life of the time and who is still honored today in the popular festivals of many towns and municipalities in the country.

What have we been inspired by?

Our moodboard for Jimena was a mix of British style influences and country and equestrian inspiration from riding boots that have a peculiar shape and grip on the leg.

The lines of the Chelsea shoe are present in the lower part of the boot: from the sole to the toe and heel. A classic shoe that has been reinvented over the decades in a thousand ways.

They have taken it from the Beatles in their early years, to Michael Jackson emulating gangster fashion in his most powerful version or Harry Styles in one of his latest hits.

This design combined perfectly with a long, thin shaft that we wanted to lengthen in the front to cover the knee and achieve that equestrian effect that finishes off the elegant and fine look.

How to combine your Jimena?

We couldn't finish this article without leaving you some tips and advice on how to combine these XL high boots. The good thing about tall boots is that they enhance any look. What suits you best? Skinny jeans that reinforce the long, thin leg aesthetic. Knitted dresses that give that winter touch, gathering the leg to avoid getting cold, combining it with transparent or flesh-colored stockings to make that differentiation and leave a break between clothing and footwear.

Do you dare with more? The latest trends combine these XL high boots with long dresses and baggy pants, leaving a ground-breaking aesthetic.

As always on networks and on the blog, we will expand these recommendations and give you more inspiration and examples of how Jimena wears both the boots and the rest of our collection models.

100% Made in Spain

Jimena is a high boot that will undoubtedly accompany you for a long time and will become a jewel in your shoe rack. Footwear 100% made in Spain with local products and made by artisans in our facilities in Elche. A perfect finish that you will notice in every step. Perfect for winter and to give a different touch to your outfits.

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