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Brands that inspire

At Bryan we are launching a new podcast space. A platform that allows us to share with you topics of interest that would remain in the pipeline if it were not for this resource.

In our first episode we talk about creative brands, with tremendous marketing strategies, and above all, have managed to make the consumer relate with a single glance, their products with their brand.

We talk about Lola Verona, Valentina Brand, Vera and the Birds, Miista, Happy Socks, Pompeii, La Compañía Fantástica... A long list of brands that you will love if you don't know them.

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In this episode we tell you...

How to transfer the experience of a physical shop to the online world.
Successful cases of product differentiation and brand differentiation.
Communication, communication and more communication

In Bryan we manufacture all our shoes in Spain, specifically in our factory in Aspe (Alicante). We would love to dedicate a podcast to the importance of manufacturing in Spain and the handmade manufacturing process behind each shoe. Would you like us to share with you some of our favourite references of online shops with handmade products?

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