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The high-heeled sandals that are sweeping

Just a week ago we launched the new summer collection , Botánica , in which we were able to see the new models and trends of the season.

Shapes, styles and colors for all Bryan girls. We have been inspired by all of you when creating the new designs and the result has been incredible.

We present to you one by one the high-heeled sandals of the collection. Pay close attention because we haven't missed a single trend!

The high-heeled sandals that promise to rock

A high-heeled sandal for each of you. Different styles, heights and materials but they all have something in common, comfort, our hallmark. If you still weren't sure which one to choose, we'll help you!

The super trendy strappy sandal

With barely a week left in the summer collection, Grecia has already become one of the favorite high-heeled sandals . And it is love at first sight. Its straps, its suede leather and its delicacy make it very special.

In the colors of the season and with suede leather, this women's sandal is ideal for any occasion, from everyday to a more special event.

It has a 5 cm high heel so you can wear it all day and its leather straps fit perfectly to all types of feet.

The Made in Spain heeled sandal that you can get for less than 60 is from Bryan and is available in black , tan and beige .

Heeled sandals in suede leather - Greece

Toe sandals

This new fashion for thong sandals is going very strong. At Bryan we have taken a step further, adding the toe strap to a basic high-heeled sandal, giving it that more modern touch.

Mara is one of the most fashionable women's sandals in the collection. A basic transformed into fashion and style. A perfect leather sandal for all your plans, it will never go unnoticed.

The essential basic in your wardrobe. High-heeled sandals , comfortable, versatile, elegant and with a 7 cm wide heel.

They cost less than €59.90 and you can get them in the 3 trendy colors: Black , beige and brown.

Toe sandal with straps - Mara

Nolita returns

Last summer's favorite sandals are back. There were many of you who were left without the high-heeled sandal and you were already asking about them.

They have returned to stay and be the most loved one more season. Also now in a new color that will undoubtedly be the protagonist of the season.

The perfect sandal for fans of minimalism and simplicity, Nolita has two double straps located in the perfect place so that your foot fits comfortably and feels protected and grippy.

Modern and elegant, they are the most suitable option to achieve a perfect total look this summer thanks to their 7 cm wide heel that will give you style and will allow you to wear them for hours.

Heeled sandal with straps - Nolita

Diane, the top-selling sandal

A basic that you always love and could not be missing. Diane is wardrobe essentials, comfort and style. An all-terrain sandal , with the perfect heel to wear all day.

The Diane leather sandal is one of our top sellers. A shovel crossed in Leather with a suede finish ensures maximum foot support.

Its 7 cm heel is lined in matching leather. It is the perfect sandal to combine not only with dresses, but also with jeans. You choose it for its versatility and for being that shoe that you never take off in summer.

Choose your favorite color between clay , red or black and get it for €59.90 .

Heeled sandal - Diane

Learn a little more about the collection on our website and follow us on Instagram to find out how they look and the best way to combine them.

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