How to combine your trekking boots without dying trying, Bryan Stepwise

How to combine your trekking boots without dying in the attempt

Hiking boots are risky, daring and a dignified trend only for those who have a lot of personality.

If you like to dress differently, give your personal touch to everything and play a bit with transgression, these boots and mountain style sneakers are your winning bet.

From Bryan, we really like fashion and we want to show you some pieces of clothes that are the trend this fall-winter 2019 and that perfectly match this type of footwear.

Oversized coats

The coat is a basic garment when we talk about winter (it's obvious!).

While it is true that this season returns the oversize trend applied to many of the favorite garments of this season.

Combining neutral tones such as white, beige or brown is a resource that never fails to achieve a balance between a powerful look and giving it a sweet touch.

This is the option that we can see in outfits like this one from @alexandrapereira, who has chosen this style for her trip to London she made with her sister:

In this case, she is combining everything with sneakers that could well be our white leather shoes Patagonia.

Her sister Cynthia, meanwhile, is committed to combining this same style with our beige leather boots, Kendra:

And it is that the Kendra leather booty is the ideal companion to take on a trip, since they are perfect for walking for hours offering maximum comfort.

Its sole is non-slip and it is warm so it offers the possibility of combining it with socks or tights.

Alexandra herself has been the one who shared this photo in her instagram stories in which we can see how both sisters have combined the same style with different shoe options:


This Compañia Fantastica coat (one of our favorite brands) we love because it is perfect to wear in your day to day accompanied by any of our shoes:

Oversized blazer

Another type of blazers that we will see in stores this fall-winter.

The blazer brings a more formal and neat touch that, combined with our Patagonia sneaker or the Kendra boot, achieves that magnificent balance between classic and the latest trend.

We take as an example this look by Emily Ratajkowski, who combines a basic cowboy boot with an oversized checked blazer with a belt to mark her figure.


In Bryan we loved this Zara puffed sleeve blazer that follows the trend of the organza (hold on because it’s coming!) And that combined with the trekking style results in a surprising combo.

Leather jacket

It is a classic rock aesthetic that never left in the closet.

Combining a black leather jacket with skinny jeans and trekking shoes gives your outfit a great twist.

A very simple and effective strategy if you do not want to think too much but be dress in style.

This set of Xenia Adonts perfectly illustrates the combination of the garments we are talking about.

This set would go perfect with our black leather sports shoes Patagonia.

You already know that in Bryan we offer 100% Made in Spain women's footwear that is trendy and perfect to wear with your day-to-day looks.

Women's shoes made in Elche with all the love in the world.

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