Coachella 2019, cowboy fashion walks through the festival – Bryan Stepwise

Coachella 2019, cowboy fashion walks through the festival

For a few years now, Coachella has become the quintessential influencer event, for holding the record for the concentration of celebrities per square meter.

One of the reasons is that it has one of the most desired posters of the festival season, and the most important, that it is a hotbed of the trends that we will wear during the Spring 2019 season.

This is the main reason why all brands want to be part of it and present their new collections with the help of influencers. Can you guess what was the garment, or rather, the star accessory of the festival? Without a doubt, the most seen have been cowboy boots!

Looks with a western spirit have invaded the event, led by influencers such as Mery Turiel, Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo, Laura M. Flores, Collage Vintage, ...

cowboy boots

Influencers of all sizes come to the festival with the most groundbreaking trend looks. In this case we see her bet combining western boots of all styles and colors, with midi skirts, and with ruffled mini dresses with prints. Who said boots were only for winter?

cowboy boots trend 2019

You can also have yours now! Its breathable inner lining will allow you to wear them even on the hottest days.

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brown cowboy boots

Women's cowboy boots in a toasted brown or camel tone will be the perfect choice to combine any of your spring looks. Combined with printed dresses, they will give a western touch to your outfits.

ice white cowboy boots

Another, more groundbreaking bet is white cowboy boots. At Coachella we have seen them both in their highest version, like those worn by Teresa Andrés, and in booties. If we talk about spring trends, we cannot forget the role that white has played in boots in recent months. An accessory capable of reinventing a basic look, in the best of your wardrobe.

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coachella 2019

They are the queens of social media, and they are also the queens of events like Coachella. Without a doubt, in each edition they surpass themselves, and this year, the first weekend of Coachella, has been the most revealing, in terms of trends.

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