7 days / 7 looks with Valentina Camel, the boot for everything, Bryan Stepwise

7 days / 7 looks with Valentina Camel, the boot for everything

The Valentina women's country boot in camel color is the perfect winter footwear. Both its measurements, its materials and above all, its color make it indispensable for any wardrobe with garments of all kinds.

You can combine it with almost all your looks since it is a very versatile boot. Its wide and thin 100% leather shaft allows you to wear it with skirts, dresses, skinny jeans or wider pants.

Its 5 cm heel is the ideal proportion so that the foot does not suffer when stepping and the legs have just the right inclination to walk comfortably. A height that will stylize your figure and allow you to wear heels on a daily basis without suffering.

A true all-rounder that you will wear every day of the week. Therefore, we propose 7 different looks for 7 days of the week. The most trendy outfits for work or study and the most daring for the weekend. Leaving a more informal and "country" outfit for Sunday. Let's start!

Day 1 - Monday

It's time to start the week on the right foot and there's nothing better than a pretty checkered blazer that we're seeing so much in stores and that feels so good. We accompanied it with a fitted knit dress that fell to the knees. A simple and elegant outfit for a Monday when we don't want to think too much ;)

Day 2 - Tuesday

To face the week comfortably and not be cold but without leaving aside a good look, on Tuesday we are going to rely on our great allies: jeans and warm sweaters. We propose an outfit that you all have in your closet and that combined with country boots revives as they give it a more polished and formal look.

Day 3 - Wednesday

We are already halfway through the week and the mood is increasing. For this occasion we wanted to combine a turtleneck sweater and a super pretty jacket coat that helps spruce up any outfit. We have thought about some dark-colored pants (they can be elastic, denim-type or, as in this case, Chinese-type dress pants) that together with the valentines make a beautiful outfit.

Day 4 - Thursday

Trends mode automne 2019 - Idee cadeau femme

Like jeans, the denim skirt is a must to combine with our Valentina country boot. You can put it on top of everything: shirts, sweaters, t-shirts,... The boot will do its job and protect your legs from the cold in addition to giving a very unique vibe to the look that will make everything stand out together. Come on, it's almost the weekend!

Day 5 - Friday

Our dear@anitaguardiola inspires us for Friday's look. A perfect day to combine your Valentina boots with something more casual and cheerful. Choose a flowy red or floral dress and pair it with a denim shirt: you will give it that touch of the weekend that we are already looking forward to and you will be able to go all day in the office with the outfit, regardless of whether or not you will be in trouble later! have something!

Day 6 - Saturday

Let's get ready a little. These boots go great with all kinds of colors and textures. So, you can play with them as much as you want!

Saturday is the day to go out, to experiment, see friends and go to many places: exhibitions, bars, restaurants, cinema, theater,... We have thought of a daring look that goes perfectly with your Valentina boots. . A skirt from your closet that is more organized and a t-shirt with a message is an outfit that we have seen a lot and that is always right. The animal print coat gives that festive tone to the look that indicates that indeed: it is Saturday and the boots will keep you going all day from here to there. Fabulous!

Day 7- Sunday

Sundays are to be spent with family (whether blood or close friends) taking a walk in the countryside, touring the city or at home with visitors. We suggest a more comfortable outfit for these plans with a green jacket and a checkered scarf that you can combine with the most comfortable jeans or pants at home and a good warm sweater or sweatshirt. The boots will go like a glove in this type of outfit and you can extend it to the entire week.

Goal accomplished! A whole week with Valentina women's cowboy boots in the color you're asking us for the most: camel. It is a tone that goes with everything and the qualities of our designs will make your boots last for many winters. You can get it in our online store, here . Now available in all sizes and while supplies last.

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