8th March – Bryan Stepwise

8th March

A day when feminism is more present than ever.
Feminism means nothing more than EQUALITY.

This is how the RAE defines it:


  1. m.Principle of equal rights for women and men.

We hope that in the future (as near as possible), this day will cease to be a day of vindication and become a day when we look back and see how far we have come.

At Bryan Stepwise this is a maxim we are quite clear about.

día de la mujer

We take this opportunity to take a look at some of the women who have marked a before and after in the world of fashion and design.

Because of the way they approached their figure as women, in even more complicated times, and because they believed in themselves, they were able to make their own way.

Coco Chanel

The only fashion designer who managed to place herself among the most influential people of the 20th century.
Creator of such iconic garments as the quilted chain bag (the classic Chanel 2.55), tweed blazers and two-tone shoes. Undoubtedly, the designer will go down in history for giving women's wardrobes comfort without losing elegance.

Coco chanel día de la mujer

Audrey Hepburn

Those big eyes hid spontaneity and naturalness. The queen of intrinsic elegance, she made us fall in love in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' with the black Givenchy with pearls in which she drank her coffee in front of the Tiffany's window.

audrey hepburn día de la mujer

Marilyn Monroe

An icon who changed the way women were seen. At a time (the 1950s) when women had to get married, have children and be the perfect housewife that everyone expected, she decided to be the opposite. She dressed the way she wanted and felt more comfortable, always acting in a spontaneous way.
She has always been known for her curves and beauty, breaking stereotypes.


One of the pioneers in wearing miniskirts, a revolution at the time.
Twiggy was part of the feminist movement where she fought for women to have a more comfortable and free style. She was well known for not knowing any limits when it came to dressing and for having a fresh and liberal style.

Mary Quant

The British designer revolutionised fashion in the 1960s by introducing the mini-skirt. A revealing garment that advocated women showing off their legs (of course!) in the decade of hippie and beat music.

mery quant día de la mujer

Anna Wintour

She is the editor of Vogue USA and one of the most powerful women in the fashion world. Her personality is so characteristic that "The Devil Wears Prada" was inspired by her to create the main character of the book and, later, the film.
Her carré haircut is named after her by many, and her big black glasses are a signature accessory.

anna wintour día de la mujer


The queen of pop. Her style has always been in constant movement: punk, androgynous, hip hop or rock? With her clothes she always speaks of who she is, of a certain vindication, of freedom of expression through clothes.
Jean Paul Gaultier Dolce & Gabbana created clothes exclusively inspired by her.

Iris Apfel

An icon in her own right.
Over ninety years old, she remains a living legend as an interior decorator, eyewear, shoe and handbag designer.

She is a free, creative spirit with a great passion for fashion. An inspiring and motivating example for any woman who wants to fight for what she wants and live the way she wants.

Iris apfel día de la mujer

Frida Kahlo

Forerunner in using fashion as a message. When we think of Frida Kahlo, we think of a woman with colourful flowers on her head, colourfully embroidered clothes and prominent eyebrows (an icon), who demonstrated all her strength and courage as a woman through the world of art and fashion.

A heroine who went against the established principles of the times in which she lived, combining the concepts of femininity and feminism.

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