Silver heeled sandals – Bryan Stepwise
Silver - Grecia
Leather strappy sandal with a 5 cm wide heel lined in suede leather. The perfect high-heeled sandal to give a touch of style to your looks. With a padded leather sole to make them the most comfortable high-heeled sandals in...
Silver - LUNA
A heeled sandal that revamps our classic multi-striped design with a fresh, contemporary twist. Luna is all about Bryan style: comfort, minimalism and attention to detail. Less is more, which always characterises our collection. Thin symmetrical straps and a wide...
Silver - Viena
We achieve excellence with the Viena heeled sandal. We elevate your party looks with this model inspired by the glamour of the 70s ballrooms. Disco music, precious stones and luxury for your most special moments. Stylise your legs thanks to...
Silver - ARES
Despite its minimalism, Ares hides a thoughtful structure that helps to gather the foot through its sinuous curved straps. A sandal with a different kind of heel that creates a beautiful pattern that wraps around your instep with a perfection...
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