Everything you need to know about the top shoes of this spring 2020, Bryan Stepwise

All you need to know about the spring 2020 best sellers

We release a new spring collection the most important trends: women's shoes that you will see everywhere and that will shape the street style looks this season.

We did not to miss any trend so you can choose between different styles, always following the line that characterizes the brand: comfortable shoes, handmade with artisan techniques and the best materials.

We present each of the new styles and we will tell you why they are going to be the sensation of this spring.

Western boots

The success continues and this trend we have already seen throughout the spring and last winter seems to not want to leave yet. It continues to gain strength and consolidates more and more. Those who saw this fashion with suspicion are gradually falling into their charms.

In Bryan we wanted to renew our proposals for western boots by proposing new designs with new elements. The Uma country boot comes with a higher heel, being a very versatile and wearable boot.

On the other hand, Margot is our star model. You asked for a western boot for women with heel and this is the result. A Cuban and angled heel that is sharpened to the tip and allows you to walk at 8.5 cm in height with total comfort and safety. It is a boot with metallic toe and more ethnic handmade embroidery. An authentic crush that will bring a lot of vibes to your outfits, whether they are dress or more informal.

I could not miss a new booty. Brooke is available in suede and in two very spring colors: offwhite and tan. A genuine western booty with the most natural style. Hand embroidered and easy to wear, they are perfect and a must-have in your closet if you want to be up to date.

The loafers come back 

It's what everybody talks about. Loafers is a trend and it’s coming back this spring. In Bryan could not miss and you can find it with a fine and elegant design that fits like a glove to your foot. It is available in camel and nude suede, in black and offwhite treated leather and in engraved leather simulating alligator skin in papaya yellow, nude and offwhite.

The eternal Ballerinas

Ballerinas are the shoes of spring. Incombustible and eternal, they have always remained collection after collection with different designs and materials. On this occasion we have prepared a small selection that you will love.

Amelie has a pointed end, according to the trend, and maintains a more closed and rounded style in the opening. You can find them in tan suede, in croc skin in nude and in red. The Celeste ballerinas have the peculiarity of having a buckle becoming a kind of merceditas for those with more personality who are looking for a different ballerina.

Agatha's slingback design is undoubtedly it’s strength. This shoe is a renewed design of our llast spring ballerina. It is made with 100% leather with engraving simulating snake on the toe and elastic suede to facilitate its fit in the ankle. A cooler model for those who like to have their feet released in summer.

Spring has arrived

The weather in spring is always changing, so it is the time of the year where we find more varied women's footwear: boots, booties, loafers, ballerinas, ... even sandals!

That is why we have selected different styles and designs, always following the most current fashion, and with the seasonal component so that you can wear each other depending on the weather. A complete collection that you can surely wear with the trendy color for textiles: lavender!

Soon we will show you looks and possibilities of combination with them so you can see how they are with different sets. We hope you love our selection and that this is a wonderful spring.

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