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2020 in Bryan in Review

Here we are, we have arrived as best we could but we have achieved it, last day of the year. We leave you a little piece of us, of our 2020.

January, The Living City, a very special campaign

We started the year in style with The Living City campaign, presenting the new spring 2020 footwear collection.

We are inspired by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his particular conception of the city as an environment where architecture must be designed to be in harmony with humanity; a philosophy known as Organic Architecture.

Just as Wright defended a city design that adapted to people (and not the other way around), we wanted to present a collection with top-of-the-line designs at the service of well-being, comfort and the organic use of footwear.

Shoes to step hard, explore cities, explore corners and generate experiences. May they take you far and take care of your feet every day.

February, we premiere Bryan Arts

We present Bryan Arts , a space where we will establish creative synergies with women who work in different artistic disciplines to help us understand our brand from another prism, vision and experiences.

This is a project in which they have had complete freedom to reinterpret our campaigns and collections from their personal and artistic perspective.

A review of our brand image by the artist and photographer Irati García, Zorra Mimosa .

Designer and illustrator, Eli Martinez selected four earrings from her collection to combine with our 2020 summer sandals , creating the perfect pairs

March, quarantine, teleworking and a lot of effort

In March everything paused. Hearing day after day that something was coming that we didn't want to believe. And it happened. We went home. Covid affected us professionally and personally, we had to redirect the ship and fight hard to stay afloat from a sinking that we did not expect. But we got it.

The team made a lot of efforts to move forward and Bryan continued despite everything. A very hard time but also very rewarding. Looking back, we knew how to make decisions at the speed of light and draw strength from where it seemed impossible. We will always thank each and everyone for their effort and dedication in difficult circumstances.

April, Bryan Basics - First textile line in Bryan

We launch into the adventure with a very special premiere. Our first textile line, Bryan Basics . Prints full of light and flowers that filled our Spring with color. A line of basic garments very in tune with the essence of Bryan .

A very important step since we wanted to experiment and bring you new things. We did not foresee a global pandemic, but without knowing it, having this new hope encouraged us a lot to continue with Bryan to the fullest.

May, BryanTalk Home Sessions

Feeling closer to people despite the distance was one of the maxims that were experienced on social networks when we were in quarantine. Our grain of sand was the live interviews from our Instagram.

A very special experience since it was the first time we used this modality! We interviewed women and friends very close to the brand. Always framed in our section of the BryanTALKS blog, but this time live and direct, we spoke with women of whom we feel deep admiration.

Don't miss them on our Instagram profile!

June, Beniyork. The color we needed

After months of gloom we needed it. An explosion of color came to Bryan . The typical landscapes of Benidorm accompanied our new collection of summer sandals .

A collection that gave us wings as we left home for the first time. Benidorm was a perfect setting: its buildings and landscapes reminded us of the best summer of our childhood and the sea gave us the calm we needed. All accompanied by our wonderful collection of sandals that you liked so much.

July, The sandals that sweep

July was marked by the success of summer sandals . Nolita , Milan , Olympia , Coco are the models that conquered us.

Minimalist design, mules and braiding reigned this summer in women's sandals .

August, Gold Sandals. Olympia is the queen of summer

We want to pay tribute to the queen of summer, Olympia . The perfect flat sandal we all needed.

A classic style reminiscent of the hippie and romantic world. With a padded sole to be the most comfortable in the world.

They were the favorites of many of our Bryan girls like Teresa Sanz and Sara Baceiredo . They inspired us with their looks and we loved it!

September, Right Here - We return to the origin

We return to the origin with Right Here, the new collection takes us to our roots, to the origin, to the traditional. A collection full of meaning, which allowed us to know the emptied Spain.

New trends, models, textures...our new collection of women's shoes has been packed with surprises to make your winter more pleasant.

You can get all the new discounted models on our website.

October, We are in the press!

The work was already done, we had already given everything for and for one of the most special campaigns so far.

We appeared in the press and we couldn't be happier. Our work and effort have borne fruit and this is reflected in magazines such as Marie Claire , InStyle , Vanity Fair ...

November, Influencers choose us!

The big surprise came when we appeared on profiles of Influencers that were very special to us. Each one wore Bryan in their own style and they inspired us so much with their looks.

Aretha with her light and her colors, Anna with her tenderness and Lucía , being Lucía and teaching us a thousand ways to combine her Bryans.

We had the pleasure of getting to know Anna Padilla in more depth and we wanted to share it with you with a very special interview.

December, Made in Love, Action with friendly brands

The most magical month of the year is coming, Christmas, the time to give and receive gifts and we make it easy for you with #MadeinLove. 7 Spanish brands come together to make it even more special. Buying from one of the 7 brands you got a discount on the rest.

We want to take the opportunity to thank the brands that were part of #MadeinLove: Comppañia Fantástica , Wild Pony , Santa Barbara , The acoa k, We are Uo and Vera and the Birds .

An impossible year. A difficult year. A year to erase from history.

However, and, although it may seem like a lie, a year of learning, special moments and professional growth. Of effort and discoveries. We are worth more than we think and these memories prove it. Thanks to the entire team for making it possible, without you, we would have been able to remember 2020 with so many good moments.

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