What do Marisol and Guitarrica de la Fuente have in common? – Bryan Stepwise

What do Marisol and Guitarrica de la Fuente have in common?

Today, due to the context or the environment, there prevails a fervent desire to return to the origin, to tradition and to the value of things well made. Open your eyes and focus on the small details of life, the true moments that count.

This concept has served as inspiration for us to launch the new autumn-winter 2020 campaign and Pepa Flores, Marisol, has been an inexhaustible source of strength and motivation.

Let's go back to where it all begins

We suggest you return to the origin. Where it all started. Each one of us has her journey. Our? Our roots, our identity as a brand that resides in the Elche shoe industry and its development.

The people, the processes, the materials. Changing over the years but essentially remaining the same as when it all began.

Heels, soles, cuts, sewing, sideboards, classic or trendy designs but with a common denominator: the craftsmanship and know-how of a team united like a gear and that still maintains manual processes.

Let's go back to the origin.

Where the first person reigns.

Where authenticity is not questioned.

Where everything is honest and pure.

Where there is no interference but plenty of space.

Places found

We moved to some towns in emptied Spain.
Places that are being depopulated by the incessant ambition of human beings to colonize large cities and leave everything that made them grow in the background.

Areas where raw materials, small industry, tradition, proximity and craftsmanship have never ceased to exist.

Values ​​analogous to ours and that we fight to preserve every day.

We wanted to return to them, to the origin, and relearn where we come from (as an industry and as people) to project it into our collection and own learning.

We also returned to our factory, to our house.

The analogy between our factory and emptied Spain speaks of this common thread. Of that link, for us, so important.

For this conceptual framework of the campaign, we wanted to add a soundtrack that speaks of roots, passion, roots, courage and bravery. Characteristics intrinsic to what Bryan is.

Artists who also talk about Made in Spain, who have created culture and have given a popular stage to this country of which we can be quite proud.

Marisol and company

Pepa Flores wanted her work to speak about her, about her values. Feel proud when showing your work. She couldn't do it as a girl when she didn't control her art and she wanted to do it as a woman.

She was work, passion, humility. She taught us that if you don't enjoy your job, if you don't like it, you won't be able to do it. That pushes us to believe in what we do, to defend our path and to do what we like above all else.

Even when they don't see you, insist on what you believe since that is your IDENTITY. There will be those who appreciate it.

Goya 2020: the well-deserved tribute to Pepa Flores, "Marisol", one of the great moments of the gala

Pepa is not the only one, there are many and many artists who have inspired this collection: Carmen Amaya, Fetén Fetén, Gata Cattana, Rosalía, María José Llergó, Guitarrica de la Fuente, Camarón de la isla, Manuel de Falla,...

Different from each other but with the same connection: the fusion between the old and the new, the duality between the past and the future. Wanting to innovate taking into account tradition and classics.

AW20 Right Here - Slow fashion or responsible consumption

We have been inspired by that way of seeing art and life and we have wanted to transmit it in each of the legs of this new collection: footwear, setting, music and concept.

Places and designs chosen to show you the identity of Bryan Stepwise.

Remember the importance of betting on brands that do everything from the source.

Many of us already had it in mind. We had already transformed our habits and knew how to identify other more important values. We already knew that what is done with care, care and quality provides much more than fast fashion.

That is our return and reflection.

And you?

What are your roots?

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