Introducing The Living City Spring 2020 Collection, Bryan Stepwise

Introducing the new spring 2020 collection · The Living City

Introducing the campaign concept of the new spring 2020 footwear collection by Bryan Stepwise. Very soon we will announce the styles that will be part of this new series of handmade shoes in Spain focused, as usual in Bryan, on the qualities and their durability over time.

Shoes to walk with us on a day-to-day basis, pampering our feet without leaving fashion aside.

The Living City

We are inspired by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his particular conception of the city as an environment where Architecture has to be thought to be in harmony with humanity; a philosophy known as organic architecture. He was the precursor of the race to conquer the sky that, later, would be played in the main cities of the world.

The gift of flowing between what was built by man and what was already there. Respect for the balance between natural spaces and our needs. In the book "The living city" many of these projects and thoughts are collected and we wanted to rely on them to create this new shoe collection in the spring 2020.

Broadacre City by Frank Lloyd Wright


Just as Wright defended a city design that suits people (and not the other way around), we wanted to present a collection with designs of trend in the service of well-being, comfort and organic use of footwear.

Shoes for stomping, touring cities, exploring corners and generating experiences. They take you away and take care of your feet every day.

We are linked to Lloyd Wright's values ​​that the city must be designed to be lived but, if not, it will be us who will take care of it, getting that harmony that the architect was talking about.

We will invite you to rediscover your city (or investigate new places) and become an active part of the change. We will accompany you at every step and it will be with us with whom you experience it.


Private sale · Meet Margot

We want you to know before anyone else the shoes of The Living City collection, we will make a private sale next Monday, February 3, only for the most faithful clients and followers of Bryan.


Private Sale presentation cowboy boot Margot - Monday, February 3

An exclusive presentation of our new western boot with Margot heel, which you will find in pre-order. If you subscribe to our newsletter you can access this unique content and purchase it in pre-sale.

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This means that when you buy it, you will be pre-ordering the boot (which is in the manufacturing process at our facilities in Elche, Alicante) and as soon as it is finished, we will start sending it. A unique opportunity to get to know a boot that will break records.

A collection designed for urban women

The presentation of Margot is just a preview of what will be the "The Living City" collection that will be complete very soon. You will also have the opportunity to access before all the new styles that we are sure, you will be surprised!

Coming soon

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