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Old Money: the aesthetics that triumphs in Tik Tok

The retro aesthetic is in fashion.

Aim well!

Social networks give us the keys to what you have to have in your wardrobe for this spring.

We make a summary, the trends in women's shoes are: ballerinas and moccasins!

The latest is a preppy twist, and yes, videos of girls and boys showing off white oxfords, loafers and polo shirts abound.

20 years later this aesthetic has a new context and a new intention. It doesn't have the same name anymore: now it's called Old money and we won't stop seeing it this spring 2022.

The term "Old Money" essentially refers to nobility or aristocracy. Those young women who inherited wealth and developed that casual and elegant aesthetic as if you had just returned from the tennis club. The "Old Money" preppy style that was popular a few years ago.

The viral style of the moment

Gen Z is rediscovering "preppy" fashion and changing status symbols.

The so-called "Old Money" style is intended to emulate the fashion of the 1950s and 1960s of European aristocracy and wealthy American families.

On the promenades of the great port of Monaco or in the little villages of the Italian Tuscany, this trend of ankle-length pants, polo shirts and moccasins was visible.

It's currently trending on social media, bringing out pieces once thought to be the preserve of the elite, like women's loafers.

Our Old Money designs

Ballerinas and moccasins
are back in trend this spring thanks to the new fashion style.

Traditional women's shoes adapted to the current style. The Martina ballerina and the Emma moccasin is all you need to meet the fashion trends of the coming months.

A lighter women's shoe, in soft tones and made in Spain. Get the women's shoe that will be a trend this spring 2022.

In our new collection, Metamorphosis, we wanted to take this style one step further and we have created a women's shoe that we are sure that we are all going to love!

The Carla jellyfish
is the fusion of the moccasin and the ballerina. A work of art made from a design that has passed through our workshop for generations and that returns as a standard-bearer of the old money or Parisian style.

This is the trend that is revolutionizing social networks and that shows that fashion is cyclical and that everything comes back.

If you are not a fan of this style, discover the rest of the collection of women's shoes for spring.

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