Bryan Stepwise's new fall-winter trend collection

New autumn-winter trend collection: Cowboy Boots

With out new collection for this autumn-winter season, Paradiso we wanted to bring you the comfort of the day without leaving a design inspired by the latest trends in women’s footwear fashion.

We want to bring two worlds together in order to meet the needs of the real woman of today, guaranteeing the quality provided by the crafted footwear of Elche, made by the hands of the best craftsmen. In addition to taking care of every detail with quality materials.

Two Styles: Cowboy Boots and Trekking

Paradiso talks about style, trend and sophistication. It is inspired by two contrasting styles that help two different profiles speak the same language.

A mountain line, inspired by trekking and adapted to an urban design, inspiring comfort and adventure. On the other hand, cowboy designs that continue with one of the highest trends of last season.

Paradiso also speaks of adventure, of exploring, of getting lost and then meeting. It speaks of a brave woman, with personality and who doesn’t lose her sweetest side.


Trekking design in sneakers and mountain boots

This new trend, inspired by the mountains, is a fact that has begun to manifest itself in many Nordic countries or in those whose climate is colder, and as it couldn’t be otherwise has also reached Spain.

Trekking is a physical activity that consists of walking through natural scenery such as mountains, forests, jungles, canyons or rivers.

For this, mountain boots are used, (which have a fairly significant design).

Kendra and Patagonia absorb this adventurous spirit and also certain elements characteristic of this trend, transforming them into sporty and casual boots.

On the other hand, the ugly sneakers will continue to accompany us for another season. The fashion that many celebrities and influencers have brought to the highest. The white sports for women, Patagonia, meet all the requirements to be your sneakers of the season. A model of sneakers with a sport line in different colors that you won’t want to take off!

The design of the season: the woman’s cowboy boot

The cowboy movement continues and we have adapted our two star models, Jandra and Valentina, to what is their winter version. 

Leather in brown colors and embroidery, bring sweetness and style to these boots. In addition, they go hand in hand with a country style that has swept away last spring-summer. 

The leather boot Jandra had us already in love and we have renewed it for this collection with more autumnal colors. A woman’s cowboy boot that can’t be missing in your wardrobe and that you can combine with dresses, miniskirts or midi skirts.

In addition to our women’s high boots, Jandra and Valentina, we introduce a new booty: Minerva.
These leather booties are a cowboy inspiration too.

Take a look at all our women’s shoes we have prepared for you and discover the characteristics of each of them.

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