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Brands we love

Support is vital to continue creating and growing. If you like Bryan you have to know these Made in Spain brands.
We want to give value and visibility to local production firms with which we share values.
Brands that are committed to tradition, good work and giving their all in their work.

Sustainable and minimalist bags

Labienhecha is a brand of sustainable and minimalist bags , made from recycled fabrics.

They manufacture in Spain in an artisanal way, applying traditional techniques, something that we fall in love with.

Behind labienhecha is a team of women making things (bienhechas) in a small workshop in Malaga. There they do everything themselves, from the idea of ​​the bag to accounting or marketing.

The bienhechas , as the brand calls them, are monochrome pieces with simple compositions. They opt for very pure and minimalist lines so that it is the person who gives personality to the bag.


Bohodot is a small family swimwear company that is committed to values ​​like Slow fashion. They are committed to quality fashion and respect for the environment.

Their bikinis are made in small workshops near Barcelona. In each workshop there are about 10 women who do the entire process manually from when the fabrics arrive until the bikini is finished.

Their designs are romantic, Mediterranean and with a bohemian touch for any woman. They use quality fabrics, which will make your Bohodot last for years.

Return to tradition

C roixet was born from the passion for tradition, from the desire to rescue crochet work and transform it into unique pieces that combine craftsmanship with fashion sensitivity.

Formed by a team of local women artisans who make their pieces handmade with the highest quality possible

Each bag is woven taking care of every detail and with special love, always using the highest quality materials and threads.

E ach Croixet is handmade to order and especially for the person who buys it. Craftsmanship, exclusivity and local sustainability are its fundamental values.

In this way, each bag is unique and exclusive, and even the packaging is personalized for each buyer.

Original designs

LULÀS_LULÀS design and produce jewelry to inspire people who do not like to follow trends but rather create them.

They make their jewelry in local workshops and understand fashion as a way to communicate. They bet on positive energy, color and special charms mixing sophistication and modernity.

They develop creativity so that you can take it to your own field by making your own compositions and that you can play with different pieces until you have a unique creation, chosen by you.

We got it! Our definitive list of favorite brands Made in Spain. If you are a fan of Made in Spain and things made with love you had to know them.

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