The sandals chosen by the most fashion-consciuos fashionistas – Bryan Stepwise

The sandals chosen by the most fashion-consciuos fashionistas

Those who understand fashion the most choose Bryan!

There're many influencers and stylist who are already fans of the made in Spain shoe brand and share it on their social networks.

Today we take a look at the women's shoes they've chosen and the style of each one.

If you identify with any of them, you'll already know which one is your Bryan.

Sandals bio

The most daring, when it comes to choosing women's shoes opt for the Antía flat sandal.

One of the new designs of this season that hasn't gone unnoticed by the fashion victim.

Erea Louro combined them with a simple look but with a very special accessory getting a very original look of 10.

Another riskier bet is that of Helena Dylan who has dared to combine them with socks.

A look that isn't for everyone but there's only one Helena Dylan and we're faithful followers of her style.

The great music festivals, the atmosphere of the islands and the hippie aesthetics are Antía's references.

A roman sandal combined in modern colors to add a touch of color to yours looks. It has a bio sole for more comfort and is lined in 100% leather.

Choose your favorite combination from 55,90€.

The most comfortable heeled sandal

Nolita continues being one of the most favorite heeled sandals for influencers.

The classic black, beige and brown are always a safe bet. And Cris has it clear, nothing like brown Nolita to combine them witch all summer dresses.

The new Nolita has also become one of the most chosen. They're very special and easy to combine.

Nolita is available in the shades of the season and you can get them from 51,90€.

Event favorites

Mara for your most important events. The tallest women's sandal in the collection accompanies them in all their parties.

The total black has been chosen by Aurora and we think she looks stunning. Besides Mara is the most comfortable heeled sandal in the world.

The day version is brought to us by Isa with a total white ideal for summer days. With mini dress and brown little bag to give a touch of color.

Mara in any of its colors is always a hit. It has a wide heel of 8 cm and a toe strap, following the trend of the moment.

In beige, brown or black for 62,90€.

And to look cute everyday the best bet is always the jute. The most versatile women's shoe that goes well with everything.

Ana Iglesias combined the Vega espadrilles con un vestido mini ideal.

A look of 10 that we'll everybody copy!

The usual espadrilles

The Vega espadrille is also available in pink and is love at first sight.

Get Ana Iglesias handmade shoes from 41,95€.

If you're already #BryanAddicted it's time to take advantage of discounts of up to -30% to get your most-have sandals for this summer.

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