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Sandals for the perfect wedding guest

April and May are the months of a thousand events, if you still don't have sandals for your dresses, you're in the right place!

Going with the trend

By now we all know that colour is going to be the protagonist of the coming seasons. Get your hands on the trendy Aquila sandals, they will be the queen of all your parties.

Two trends in the same sandal, super flattering colours and ankle straps that will stylise your figure even more.

Forget about classic event sandals that you'll never wear again.

Sandals made in Spain, and handmade. With a comfortable 5 cm high heel that will make you won't take them off all summer long.

In mauve, scarlet red, butter yellow, black and a natural shade that will bring out your tan. Choose your heeled sandal in one of the shades of the season for less than €70.

A different touch to your feet that will give you the chance to create a thousand different looks this summer.

The most minimalist sandals

If your style is simpler and you still don’t dare with the color, there are also some Bryan for you.

The most minimalist sandals in our new collection are simple, elegant and most importantly, THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE HEEL SANDALS YOU WILL HAVE.

Nolita is one of our favourites from the beginning, with its 4 straps it manages to hold the foot giving it that minimalist air that we love. It’s definitely a wardrobe fund.

If you try them, you'll want them in every colour!

, brown or beige.   The Nolita heeled sandal is available in this season's must-have shades.

Its wide heel is 6.5 cm high but the feeling it gives is as if you were wearing a flat sandal.

Its price is 59,90€ and we can only tell you that you NEED IT.

Minimalism taken to another level. Mara is love at first wear and the most popular choice for spring/summer events.

It combines simplicity and a touch of trend with its toe strap without sacrificing comfort.

If you are looking for a sandal with more height, Mara is what you need. It has a wide 8 cm heel and two crossed straps to hold your foot and prevent it from slipping forward.

Walk firmly, confident and tall with the Mara heeled sandal. Available in black, beige and brown, it's up to you!

The heeled sandal costs less than 70€ and we assure you that they will be your greatest ally this summer.

The summer sandals

Get 2x1, get your heeled sandals that will be useful both for events and for your looks this summer.

Give your event sandals a second life and make the most of them.

We love all the ones we have tried in Grecia. They are comfortable, stylish and combine with your entire wardrobe.

The hard part is choosing between Grecia camel, beige or black. Whatever you choose, they will become YOUR SANDALS OF THE SUMMER.

Their heel is 6 cm and cost less than 70€.

Discover all the heeled sandals made in Spain in the rest of the colours and get yours for your spring events.

At Bryan you will find the perfect sandals for the perfect wedding guest.

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