Bryan on the catwalks – Bryan Stepwise

Bryan on the catwalks

We leave behind us Paris Fashion Week, which has left us with iconic moments to remember.

After seeing all the fashion shows we have come to a conclusion: Bryan Stepwise could be on the catwalks. And the fact is that there are many models wearing shoes very similar to ours.

We review the most striking fashion shows and suggest alternatives to the boots and sandals worn by the models.


 A haute couture collection that everyone is talking about. Always highlighting the surrealism, this year could not be less so two dresses and a coat have been designed with animal heads handmade with sculpted foam, resin, wool and silk faux fur. On her Instagram profile, Schiaparelli says: "The leopard, the lion and the she-wolf, representing lust, pride and greed in Dante's iconic allegory". 

Show Schiaparelli / Photos: Vogue Runway

In addition, the singer Doja Cat appeared with 30,000 red Swaroski crystals covering her entire body.

Doja Cat / Photo Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

In the fashion show we could see different garments marked at the waist and eye-catching. Black shoes and high heels also had their place.

Show Schiaparelli / Photo: Vogue Runway

Our Victoria cowboy boot with sleek lines and rugged style will be the perfect alternative to these.

  Black terra leather ankle boot - Victoria


Following the death in 2022 of French founder Thierry Mugler, the brand now headed by Casey Cadwallader and assisted by Megan Thee Stallion is returning to the catwalks. In this one, the models paraded on moving platforms.

A collection that stands out for its transparencies, leather, lace and high boots.

Show Mugler / Photo:Vogue Runway

These boots could be replaced by our Valentina model.

Black vintage leather high boot - Valentina


Virginie Viard, in charge of creative creation after Karl Legerfeld's death, came up with the idea of "drum majorettes, or perhaps, circus ringmasters".

Flared tweed suits, bow ties, hats, gloves and lace-up boots marked the parade.

Metallic shoes were not far behind, as this is one of the big trends for 2023.

Show Chanel / Photos: Vogue Runway

In our RESPECT collection we are launching four metallic models, one of them in gold like the Chanel model.

Gold cowboy boots - Maggie

White boots also stood out on the catwalk.

Show Chanel / Photo: Vogue Runway

How ideal are our Jandra's in white?

White leather cowboy boot - Jandra


A collection that stands out for its simplicity. Marant commented, "These clothes are destined to stay in your wardrobe for a long time, so you have to do them well. The silver sandals and white shoes go with all of these.

A total denim look with white accessories and silver sandals previews what's to come.

Collection Isabel Marant / Photo: Vogue Runway

Our Viena sandals are an option to create this outfit.

Silver heeled sandal - Viena

The white boots (this time with heels) go perfectly with the new season's dresses.

Collection Isabel Marant / Photos: Vogue Runway

Brigitte high boots in beige will add a special touch to your outfits.

Beige knee high boots - Brigitte


We didn't want to miss this brand that has been seen so much this week. It stood out for its tulle dresses, bare shoulders and pastel colours, but above all for the shape of its dresses.

Rolf Snoeren, one of the brand's founders, said that "there is a disconnection between what we see and the physical aspect of the product" with respect to the designs we saw during the fashion show.

Show Viktor & Rolf / Photos: Vogue Runway

We'll keep these fashion shows among many others, what about you?
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