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From second-hand clothes to feminist demands. Our MBFWM favorites

Today was the last day of the 70th edition of the catwalk Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and we wanted to echo this.

It is an event that motivates us and is a source of inspiration, both for the design and for the strength, spirit and perseverance of the creators.

Apart from that, of course, we are interested in seeing what trends are beginning to appear out of the window and which of them we can apply in Bryan. 

For those who do not know, the MBFWM is the great Spanish fashion catwalk and its best platform for promotion and dissemination in the world. It is held twice a year and is organized by IFEMA (Madrid Fair Institution). Events and parades are also organized throughout different stages of the city, generating an entire network that communicates the city and whose connecting links are fashion, trends and passion.

The shows include the presentation of collections belonging to renowned designers, as well as those of other emerging ones.
Do you remember those first Palomo Spain shows as a Nobel designer?

Now she is one of the most important figures in the fashion industry, dressing artists like Rosalía , Beyoncé or Madonna (no more, no less!)

Recovering the thread , we want to take a brief tour of the work of some of the designers who have captivated us the most, whether for their style, their message, their reinvention or their innovation.

Maria Escoté

The designer has always stood out for the originality and strength of her designs (easily recognizable).
On this occasion, their parade has sent a very clear message: sustainability .
As? Thanks to the use of Wallapop garments.
Yes, yes, as you are reading. Escoté has used his best tool: creativity.
She has used second-hand clothes to design unique pieces.

The designer did not show in the previous edition because she needed a break along the way. However, when the leading platform for buying and selling second-hand items proposed this collection to him, he didn't think twice and pulled out all his guns.
"I wanted to do a recycling exercise, to dismantle all the clothes I have bought and create new ones. It has been a challenge on a technical and creative level because it is not the same to take a blank canvas or a roll with 30 meters of fabric and start to work. Here I have had to buy clothes, unstitch them with some seams already cut and a pattern. And, from there, take advantage and create a new garment. In my workshop they have hated me because it is one of the most difficult jobs we have done ".

It is the clear example that fashion is not only fashion: it is art, it is creativity, ingenuity, persuasion, passion... a constant work of evolution.
We recognize it, María Escoté is one of our favorite designers.

Here we show some of the looks that we liked the most:

Ana Locking

A short story of weird girls .

The beginning, middle and end of their parade are led by women.

On this occasion, the Toledo creator's collection is a tribute to women , especially dedicated to all those who "like me, being young, have hidden our oddities, because they always pointed the finger at you."

Furthermore, Locking launches an ode to breaking with what is socially established and dedicating oneself to what really matters: being oneself and, consequently, being happy : “If you are not part of the socially accepted clichés such as what the female collective should be, or femininity, nothing happens. When you really don't hide and show, you start to be happier.”

A clear example that fashion is another artistic expression is provided by narrative and creative structures such as the installation of tubular and abstract shapes that Eva Fábregas has designed for the show. As well as the fanzine that they have published from the brand, where they have had very special collaborations such as Alaska , Rossy de Palma , Ángela de la Cruz , Topacio Fresh and Nathalie Poza. "We have asked five women whom I admire for their work and their identity as a 'weird' woman to write about their feelings about being a weird girl ," explains the designer for Vogue Spain.

Here, some of our favorite looks:

Teresa Helbig

Teresa Helbig has always been one of our favorite designers for combining simplicity and complexity in each of her garments.

Every detail exudes love and subtlety.

On this occasion, Helbig claims the role of fashion as “a tool to fight, an armor, a party.”

His latest collection is based on the manifesto he has called The Club , the concept around which it orbits.

The Catalan designer transports us to the 70s and the Via della Pace in Rome and defends her #Helbigang , a movement that tries to name and personify that group of friends with similar interests: “It's just a fun way to give it physical form to a sensation.”

Join The Club is the name of this collection, which manifests concepts such as freedom , contradiction , daring or fun . Do you feel identified? Because we do!

The star item of this collection is, without a doubt, the dress.

Here are some of our favorite designs from the collection:

We hope you liked these proposals as much as we did.
Long live fashion!


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