European fashion x Bryan Stepwise

European fashion x Bryan Stepwise

How European influencers match our shoes

Over the years, with a lot of hard work and effort, Bryan has expanded its market to many European countries. We currently ship our products to Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg and Slovakia. Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg and Slovakia.

We love to see how they wear our shoes all over the world and bet on Spanish fashion. We show you through influencers how the trends are in different countries and how they add our shoes to their outfits.


In Portugal, where we have a large part of our audience, Rita Montezuma has chosen a basic look for everyday wear with the Fleur ankle boots in brown.

This time he wears the same ankle boots with corduroy trousers, a striped T-shirt and a denim jacket.

For Caetana Botelho, the Praga model is a must-have - check out all the looks!


Samira, who lives in Paris, shows us how she complemented the black embroidered Jandra with a denim skirt and printed jacket.

Marine has added the brown two-tone Jandra boots to her wardrobe in a very stylish way. She has worn them with a summery brown total look and an overshirt on top.


Gabriele, with a very "Nordic" style, has combined the Julieta boots with a white dress, sheepskin jacket and earmuffs.

The chocolate Victoria ankle boot goes with everything. Lauren Bravo has opted for a matching jacket and jeans.


Anaïs Van Oekel's dressing room is full of colour. This time, she took a risk with a short dress in different prints with the two-tone black Jandra with embroidery.

We hope that European fashion has inspired you and that we will continue to grow and will soon be able to ship to more countries.

You can find many more shoes on our website.

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