Shirt dress, the garment you will rock this fall, Bryan Stepwise

Shirt dress, the garment with which you will sweep this fall

We already know that the famous "halftime" is coming and it completely throws us off. Some days it is as hot as August and, at times, an unexpected chill appears that ends up driving us crazy. There are garments that help us dress during these silly months, and we wanted to talk to you about one of them that is also trendy: the shirt dress.
This fall, western boots are still totally current in terms of footwear. Look what a different vibe you can get when you put on a pair:
The quintessential cowboy boot of the season is PERFECT to combine with this trend.
You can also accompany them with a country style, like our Valentina boot and combine them with the beige or brown option. You choose!
Do you need more inspiration?
Well here it goes!
Influencers like María Pombo join this trend.
Dare to also combine them with sneakers and with the trekking style, which is also a top trend for this fall-winter.
Who Forewarned is forearmed!
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