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Tarantino already predicted it: cowboy boots will be a trend this season

We have been seeing for some time how Cowboy fashion is gaining strength, bringing back styles that we thought were from other times.

coachella cowboy boot

A year ago, at the quintessential trend festival of Coachella , hippie-inspired looks began to be seen with a western touch in cowboy boots . A fashion that gave the outfits a renewed air despite the great and long history of this footwear model.

The It Girls already predicted it and they were not wrong. Women's cowboy boots were a trend and their influence was going to reach not only fashion, but many more sectors.

Now, we confirm it. Tarantino himself revives the Western in his latest film and that makes it even clearer that Cowboy boots have to be in our closet this season.

The director has always been a declared fan of the American cowboy cinema that gained great worldwide fame in the 50s and 60s. The heroes who save the city, the Indian tribes, renegades and sheriffs, bounties, robberies and pistol duels dominated the screen.

And Tarantino knows how to reflect that very well in his new film: " Once upon a time...in Hollywood ." All country fashion appears and also in different formats: hippie, classic western and even more "cool" in the sixties models worn by Margot Robbie .

Tarantino has known how to choose the perfect year during which the action takes place and where all these styles came together: 1969. A moment of change in which the film industry experienced a turning point with the last blows of the western and the hippie movement.

A context that has allowed the costume designer, Arianne Phillips , to do one of her best jobs and give the eye to those of us who like the careful aesthetics of a good film.


Phillips uses Western styling on numerous occasions: he dresses Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt in cowboy boots to film period films and gives them a sixties country look when they walk around Los Angeles. The southern brushstrokes and country-style hippies and the more modern looks that Margot Robbie's character embodies.

The latter is precisely what gives us ideas on how to wear and combine our cowboy boots this season. Wear them with a flowy dress, a midi skirt or dress pants. Let's not abuse the west current in everything we wear, otherwise it will not stand out as it should. Combine it with urban touches and more modern clothing.

The possibilities are many and the colors and different materials will help achieve the perfect result.

Our bet is the Jandra cowboy boots in three colors: black in leather and brown and beige in suede. In addition to the Minerva ankle boots that will be a must for any outfit this winter 2019.

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