Summary 2019 | Best moments of the year for Bryan Stepwise

Summary 2019

It has been a great year for Bryan Stepwise and we want to take a tour of all the milestones that have marked us as a Spanish women's footwear brand and that have positioned us among one of the most prominent in terms of online shoe sales.

Bryan has a history of more than 30 years as manufacturers and in physical stores you could already find our models of boots and ankle boots for some time now.

However, it was this year when we launched ourselves into the world of online footwear sales and our designs began to be purchased through our website. In addition, we made ourselves known on the networks and each time you got to know us better.

We owe a lot to the year 2019 and we wanted to review the greatest moments we have had. Let's start!

1. When we launched the SS19 De·{Lirio} campaign

Bryan's first big bet: a spring-summer collection with everyday footwear for real women and all-rounders. Flat and high-heeled sandals made with top-quality materials that, as always, provided the comfort and style that we look for in footwear for routine and non-stop.

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A campaign full of color and perfect shoes for the summer season that you can still find in our outlet area with super discounted prices all year round.

Are you looking for outlet women's shoes? At Bryan we have a wide variety with models from past collections but since they are timeless shoes, you can look like they are from a new collection. We assure you! Click here and take a look at all our footwear with special prices.

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2. When we interviewed Lyona Ivanova.

We inaugurated a new section on our blog: #BryanTalks . A space to give visibility to the work of women who, with effort and talent, have made their profession an inspiration for all of us. Within this framework of linking Bryan Stepwise with real women, we met Lyona Ivanova and from there we continued to meet creative women with a lot to say.

Lyona Ivanova is the author of many video clips on the national scene and answered many of our concerns and questions about her work here . Don't miss everything she told us and discover more stunning girls in our #BryanTALKS section

3. When we launched the FW19 Paradiso campaign

The cowboy came to stay and reign and the country style and mountain trekking would accompany him in this autumn-winter collection in which we invited you to get lost and choose your particular paradise.

An advance in terms of photography and aesthetics of the brand that made us take a qualitative and professional leap. The quality of our image was on par with our footwear. And, at this point, we can only thank everyone who makes Bryan possible. Everyone contributes their grain of sand, their vision; and they achieve results like this campaign . A sales success.

We want women's boots to be comfortable, warrior-like and, as always, beautiful. And that is what each of our Paradiso shoes demonstrate. They exude strength and style. Women's footwear made for everyday use and inspired by the latest trends.

4. When you all asked us for the Jandra Camel boot to return

You broke the Internet at that moment. You asked us everywhere and everywhere if we were going to replace the Jandra cowboy boot in Camel color.

She was super exhausted, but there were so many of you, that we had to move heaven and earth to bring her back. It was and is a hit! His wake is still visible and seems unstoppable. It is, without a doubt, our top-selling boot in women's footwear.

4. Getting the #BryanADDICTED community to grow

More than 300 thousand visits on the web, 20 thousand followers on Instagram and a lot of new Bryan girls who have shared different looks and styles with our shoes. We are very grateful to be able to say that the #BryanAddicted community and ambassadors of our made in Spain footwear has grown so much this year.

There are many of you who tag us in your photos and, it's not for nothing, but if you take a look at our tagged Instagram photos, you will be surprised by the quality. It is a luxury to have girls and women with so much taste and who create not only ideal outfits, but also beautiful compositions!

Thanks everybody!

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Without a doubt, 2019 has been very good with Bryan Stepwise and it has been a path that has been worth starting and for which we will continue working to give you women's shoes made in Spain made with the best materials and in the hands of professionals from the Footwear industry.

We hope that 2020 will be just as good and we promise to strive to bring you more experiences and moments. Happy new year!

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