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Delicate feet? Tips for choosing your autumn shoes

It's not easy to hide our feet again after the summer. We remember the problems that closed shoes cause us, especially those of us with delicate feet.

At Bryan we want to make it easy for you to discover what type of shoe is best suited to your feet.

If you find it difficult to find comfortable women's shoes, keep reading, there is a Bryan for each of you.

Wide-legged wide cane

No more not being able to find boots in winter that fit your leg. We say goodbye to the zip boots impossible to close and we introduce you to your best alidade, Valentina.

The country boot is for everyone, it is made with a very thin leather so that we can wear them super comfortable and they adapt to all types of legs.

With no zips or ties, they are very easy to put on and they are also very stylish.

For those of you who are more into ankle boots, Brooke is your shoe. The most comfortable and combinable ankle boot you are going to have.

It has a wide shaft so that it does not fit too tightly around the ankle and you can combine it with trousers or a dress.

In addition, the women's ankle boots have a wide heel with the perfect height to be able to wear them all day long. It is available in the two shades of the season and will become your favourite heeled shoe.

The heel your back needs

For those of you who suffer from back pain due to overuse of high heels or flat shoes, we have the solution.

The ideal shoe is a lightweight shoe with a firm sole and a relatively wide heel of 3 or 4 cm with good cushioning so that the foot can work without overexertion during normal walking.

Our recommendation is definitely the Jandra boot and the Caliope ankle boot in all versions. They have a wide heel of 4 cm, which is the ideal height for these shoes. In addition, their leather is thin and adapts perfectly to all types of feet.

Women's ankle boots are the shoe that will always be your first choice, no matter what your plans are. In tan or vintage leather, you have different colours to choose the one that best suits your style.

A necessary basic for this season that we should all have to take care of our feet and our back.

Customise your Bryan with your own insole

This is something that more and more of you are asking us for and we have already taken the plunge. A shoe that we can put our own personalised insole in.

The Dalia sneaker seemed to be the perfect model to do so, as it is a women's casual shoe that goes with all kinds of styles and fits in everyone's wardrobe.

A flat shoe for every day, with a simple but elegant style that you will never get tired of and that you can now add your own insole to be comfortable and take care of your feet.

A leather sneaker handmade by our craftsmen and available in various combinations.

Mustard, grey and white tones, which one suits you best?

Comfortable but with height

The military style is with us for another season.

For those in between, neither high heels nor flats. For those of us who like to be comfortable but with height. Brooklyn and Berta are our favourites. With a platform of 5 cm getting that height without hardly noticing it or giving up comfort.

With zip or laces, these military ankle boots are very easy to wear and will give a different style to your look. An option for those of you who are always on the go and always on the go.

You can also find both models in our Special prices section with a super price!

And finally we leave you a tip to make the transition from sandals to closed shoes. Because changes are difficult and our feet always suffer a little bit. But we can avoid chafing by making the transition little by little.

We start with thin socks or even plasters in the areas where we know we usually have problems, until our foot adapts again to the contact with the shoe.

Then we can forget about them and move on to the usual thick socks.

We hope that we have helped you to discover a little more of Bryan and that you have clear which is the woman's shoe that you need this autumn.

In Bryan you will find many more models that besides being Made in Spain will take care of your feet.

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