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Olympia: the most comfortable sandal in the world

The summer flat sandal

Without a doubt, every season there is a clear favorite, and summer 2020 has been for.... OLYMPIA .

Our flat sandal has been the most present in your Bryan cart and to celebrate it we have prepared a very special surprise.

We couldn't help but listen to you and as always, your wishes are orders for us. We don't want anyone to be left without their Bryans , and that's why we have gotten to work.

We have all the Olympias sandals in brown on the way, the necessary pairs to end the summer as it deserves!

Olympia plays three cushions

The most comfortable leather sandal for your feet is made up of three bands that reach the upper area of ​​the foot, accompanying it in every movement and guaranteeing maximum support.

It is ideal for people with delicate feet, who suffer from swelling or wide feet, since being a 100% leather sandal it adapts perfectly to the most difficult feet.

Without a doubt, its comfort and simplicity is what has made you fall in love with it the most and the opinion is unanimous: you love it.

You can find them on our website , in brown and black .

How to combine them

Olympia has not only conquered you for its comfort, it is also a very versatile flat sandal , capable of giving personality to each of your summer looks.

We can say that our women's sandal is a 10 in trend, and a basic shoe that you need in your closet.

He has been with us for two summers now and never disappoints, he is always a safe bet.

Carmen Huertas brings Olympia to her terrain, giving it a more boho feel. Combine with a long skirt, jute bag and our Olympia in brown . A summer look that we love for everyday life.

With Sara Bacceiredo , we go to the other extreme, combine our flat sandal with an oversized fuchsia dress, super trendy, for fashion lovers who like to take a little risk.

Padded leather sole

All our women's flat sandals have a padded sole, to achieve that isolation from the ground.

It has 1 cm in the front part of the sole and 2 cm in the back.

You will have that feeling of unique comfort with each step, which makes your life easier.

And the best thing about Olympia is that you can wear them all day, your feet will thank you!

There's still more news!

We are already in the 2nd sales ! You can enjoy them now with a 20% discount on our website .

Don't worry if your size is not available, you can buy them as a reservation in Pre-order , so that you can be the first to receive them when we have them back.

And stay tuned for the newsletter because our subscribers will have an extra 10% for this sandal. Are you still not part of our community? Become a subscriber here and access a lot of surprises and benefits.



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